The right double din radio for your cars


Display Size

usually between 6 and 7 inches in size

frequent touch screen

Supported Media

CD player, partly in combination with a DVD player

USB port

SD Slot


for speakers, subwoofer

for a rearview camera

Aux input for MP-3 players


Prerequisite: the double-DIN radio has Bluetooth

if necessary, a microphone also included in the double din radio


A double din radio with DAB+ guarantees particularly good radio reception

The main brands and manufacturers

On the one hand, of course, there are the traditional brands, so you can buy, for example, a double-din radio from Pioneer or a double-din radio from Sony. But you can also find a suitable model from other manufacturers that often appear in double-din radio tests, such as Create and Tristan. The range of important suppliers ranges from double-DIN radio with GPS to reversing cameras or wireless rearview cameras.

What you should keep in mind during installation

So that you can install your double-DIN radio without any problems, rc cars under $200 you should make sure in advance how large the radio slot in your car is. Your car may need a double-din radio with a shallow installation depth. Models without CD drives are suitable here.

Compatibility with the smartphone

If you want to connect your dual-din radio to your smartphone, e.B. because your double-din radio is not equipped with navigation or you want to play music from your smartphone, you should pay attention to compatibility.

Double-din radio tests show that some double-din radio works with Android, an example of this is the models from Pumpkin. From Alpine, on the other hand, there is a double din radio for the iPhone. But there are also models, such as Pioneer’s double-din radio, that support both Android and iPhone.

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A basic prerequisite for you to be able to use the apps to their full extent is, of course, that you have enough data volume. For security reasons, some apps (e.B. for videos) can only be used when the best off road rc car is stationary.

Tip: If you’re an Apple user, your dual-din radio needs Carplay. MirrorLink or the newer Android Auto is needed if you want to use the dual din radio with Android. These programs mirror the surface of the smartphone to the radio.

Useful extras

A double-DIN radio with a hands-free system can be a practical purchase, as it allows you to give the radio voice commands comfortably and safely while driving. Alternatively, a steering wheel remote control is a great way to quickly access the radio. From Blaupunkt, there is a double din radio with a remote control that works via infrared.

Another useful accessory is a radio bezel for the double din radio. These are each tailored to specific vehicle types.

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