This is a very rare and mostly asked questioning that how understanding your brain can help you learn? A new book explains the six keys to learning that can help anyone overcome barriers to success in school or life. Recently a close friend was having difficulty graduate from college. She needed to pass a math class to graduate but she would not take it because she was afraid she would drop it. The belief that she was just not good at math stuck in the lurch of graduation, unable to move on with her life.

I know that my friend is not the first person to face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to a math course or success. Someone may have given you the message that you are not good enough to succeed in a particular field. Or you did not have the confidence to persevere when you were struggling.

Now a new book is available in market that explains what’s wrong with this behavior. A professor of mathematics at University, says that when people understand how their brains work and how they help their own learning, people can learn anything. Her book calls for the abandonment of the old concepts of “protection” and the full acceptance of the new science of the brain, thus transforming schools, organizations and workplaces into environments that provides help to themrather than limiting success.

Talent issue:

Millions of kids every year start school to see what they’re going to learn but when they realize they are not as smart as others they quickly get frustrated. This is because parents and teachers unknowingly send the message that talent is innate either you have it or you don’t have it.As a professor of mathematics, he has seen it for himself. Many young people are concerned about math in their class and their fear of learning affects their ability to learn.

The myth that our brains are right and that we have no qualifications for just a few subjects is not only scientifically incorrect but also affects. Although the science of neuroplasticity that how our brains change in response to learning suggests that learning can happen at any age the news did not make it into the classroom.Some of our misconceptions about art have led to racist. For example, many girls quickly get the message that math is for boys and boys are better at it which interferes with their ability to succeed and gender differences in the study of math. Cause Similarly people of color may have to overcome stereotypes about fixed intelligence in order to thrive.

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How our brains help us learn?

Fortunately, the writer does not stop at pointing out the problem but also provides tips to help anyone whether they are afraid of math’s or worried about other obstacles to learning so that one new mindset is born.

1.    Understand that your mind is always changing:

Every time we learn, our brain builds, strengthens or connects nerve pathways. This means that at birth someone is stuck with the limit of what they can learn. Instead it is a belief in the gift and how it affects the way teachers teach which is actually a barrier to people’s learning. For example, when schools practice trekking dividing students into different reading groups or math groups based on merit. It produces worse results for students than keeping students with mixed abilities together. People who are initially labeled learning disabled may have their brains completely rebuilt after a brief program that include one-on-one tuition.

2.    Learn to embrace struggles, mistakes and failures:

Students and teachers generally believe that getting the correct answer in a test. Indicates that students are learning. But it actually happens when students do difficult things and problems. That are beyond their ability that the brain works harder and imprints new knowledge. This in turn makes knowledge more accessible. Practicing what they already do well hinders students’ learning. While making mistakes helps them focus on different ways of thinking about a problem. Which strengthens learning. Helps to create when teachers encourage students to struggle and allow students to make mistakes it can be incredibly free for both.

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3.    Change your beliefs about your brain, and your brain will follow it:

When you change your mind about yourself, you realize that it will change your body and mind as well. For example, researchers found that adults who had negative thoughts about aging at a young age between the ages of 18 and 49 regardless of their early age, heart health, race, the next 38 Heart disease was more likely to occur over the years. Or many other factors the same is true of how you think about learning. For example, if young children learn that their success in school is linked to being smart rather than trying then they may be less motivated to learn later.

4.    Try different ways to learn:

While learning requires a developmental mindset the belief that knowledge is not fixed, but can be developed through effort and perseverance. It is also important to try new learning strategies. Multidisciplinary approaches work best for teaching and learning because they connect many parts of the brain together and help to learn communication between different areas of the brain. Even math skills can be enhanced with seemingly irrelevant knowledge or skills such as verbal skills or finger perception.

5.    Aim for flexible thinking instead of speed:

Often, teachers and learners think that being sharp on something means you are good at it. But, as research shows this is not often the case. Trying to do something under pressure such as a one-time test can cause stress which can damage the working memory needed to remember important information. That is why the writer argues that it is not helpful for students to set long problems to solve at home or to try to measure mathematical performance in real time situations.It can also unnecessarily discourage future prospective math scholars who give up quickly because they believe speed is equal to ability. He says that while some students progress in temporary exams and specialize in rolling for exams, it is unlikely that their education will continue. Instead the key is to learn to engage with content in flexible ways over time.

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6.    Try to cooperate:

Schools that teach developmental mindsets will not necessarily help students learn better if there is no peer support for the idea – that is, if students still buy the talents of the promising student. It is important for schools to reinforce the idea that learning together is better than learning alone. As one study suggests, working together instead of alone can make the difference between passing a difficult math class and dropping out and failing.


A significant change occurs when students work together and discover that everyone finds some or all of the tasks difficult. It reinforces the idea that learning is a process and that barriers are common. Focusing on collaboration in the classroom rather than trying to test students individually is more similar to the world of work. In the case of my friend. She finished drawing in support of her aunt and contacted a tutor. Who encouraged the development mindset taught her new strategies for problem solving and her math. Helped reduce anxiety. Eventually she took a math class and passed with flying colors. His story is an important reminder that barriers to learning are often the work of our point of view beyond our capacity.

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