What are the three primary purposes of the speaker?


The event’s primary presenters are industry leaders who serve as keynote speakers. These speakers captivate their audiences with their knowledge, anecdotes, and oratory abilities.

The role of a keynote speaker for a conference is challenging. Your performance is critical if you’ve been invited to be the main attraction at a business conference. It is your responsibility to set the tone for the entire event. As a result, a keynote address must have an impact.

There are many purposes for speeches, but the three most frequently discussed in public speaking books are to inform, persuade, and entertain. Despite their theoretical separation, these broad objectives often overlap. An informative speech can also be persuasive and entertaining (one that increases comprehension).

The good news is that it can be more scary than it sounds. With careful planning, you can exceed your expectations. This article discusses making an excellent first impression at a business conference or meeting.

To Inform

The most common reason for delivering a speech is to provide new information to the audience. To put it another way, the goal is to provide information the audience does not already have. Audience members may benefit significantly from hearing a presentation on a topic (such as a virus or a new piece of technology) and then using that knowledge (e.g., how to swing a golf club and assemble a layer cake).

The pursuit of knowledge is a distinguishing feature of informative subjects. Please remember that the information provided is not intended for any particular application. When a speaker encourages listeners to adopt a specific viewpoint about how they should apply the data, the transition from informing to persuading occurs.

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Consider how one might inadvertently shift from persuasion to information. You’ve been tasked with spreading information about a new vaccination campaign. You should deliver an informative speech to your audience to inform them about the program.

Rather than attempting to persuade your audience to participate in the vaccination program, provide them with all of the information they require to make an informed decision. Those just starting with public speaking frequently must distinguish between reporting and persuading.

To Persuade

The ability to persuade others is the second broad goal that people may have when they speak. If we talk to influence others, our goal is to persuade our audience to accept a point of view or engage in behavior they would not otherwise do. A persuasive speech differs from an informative speech in that it includes a call to action for the audience to change their behavior or way of thinking about something.

To Entertain

Speaking in front of an audience can also be used to entertain. In contrast to informative and persuasive speechmaking, which concentrates on the intended effect of the speech, entertainment speaking focuses on the topic and setting of the address. An entertaining speech can be based on an informative or persuasive argument. However, due to the nature of the lesson or the environment in which it will be delivered, speakers must keep the audience’s enjoyment in mind when crafting their remarks.


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