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Are you worried about your bite issues? Are the misalignment and the gaps between your teeth putting trouble on your appearance and making you embarrassed every time you smile? then metal braces will help you to build your confidence.

If the answers to all these questions are yes, you’re on the right page. In today’s article, I’ll discuss all those issues related to orthodontic health here below in this article. Here I’ll discuss especially metal wired braces.

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What are metal braces, and what are they made up of?

Metal wired braces are a tool used in orthodontic treatment to help people correct and fix their bite issues. These braces are also known as stainless steel and alloy braces, which are made by combining components like carbon, silicon, nickel, chromium, aluminium, molybdenum, etc.

Each metal has a different role. For example, chromium makes the braces rust-resistant, and similarly, all the combined materials have several other functions. Metal wired braces are the ones that most people think of when they hear about braces word. The metal wired braces are made up of stainless which contributes to the durability of the braces.

How much do the metal braces cost?

The cost of the metal wired braces differs based on the different factors. However, on average, the cost of the metal braces in Chennai starts from 35,000 to 55,000. However, for a better and more affordable orthodontic treatment, you can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you.

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Who are the suitable candidates for the metal wired braces?

Before opting for the treatment, you must make sure whether you are a suitable candidate for the ceramic braces or not. Here I have suggested some characteristics which make you a good candidate for the metal wired braces.

  • You must have good oral hygiene. People with proper oral hygiene are suitable candidates for metal wired braces.
  • If you have more crooked and misaligned teeth, you are better suitable for the metal wired braces as they will help you rather than any other braces.
  • If you have gap and misaligned teeth, you are a good candidate for the metal wired braces.
  • You must have good dental health, have strong teeth, and be free from all sorts of restorations.

So these were the suitable candidates for the metal wired braces treatment.

What are the Pros and Cons of metal braces?

Here are some Pros and Cons of the metal wired braces; let’s have a look at them detailly;



Metal wired braces are the least expensive than any other type of braces. The braces are affordable and help you with most of your dental problems. It is the best solution at an affordable price and is its advantages.


You cannot match the durability of the metal wired braces with anything. The durability of the metal wired braces is more compared to other braces like ceramic and Invisalign, and thus the durability of the metal wired braces is one of its advantages.

Faster results:

Yes! You’ve heard it right. Wearing it always may provide you with quicker and faster results. It has a firm grip which enables the teeth to move faster in the proper direction. Thus these braces tend to move your teeth faster than any other braces.

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The metal wired braces are rust-resistant and do not rust easily. Due to its chromium content, it resists rust effectively and thus makes it a rust-proof material.

So these were some of the pros of the metal wired braces. Now let’s have a look at its cons.

Cons:pros and cons of metal braces


One of the most annoying cons of the metal wired braces is their visibility! Due to its visibility, most people opt for ceramic or Invisalign braces despite being the least expensive, and their appearance makes them less preferable for people.


Their hardness isn’t only a sign of their durability as a pro. But sometimes, these braces can hit you hard if not appropriately adjusted in your mouth, and thus they may hurt you.


When it comes to metal wired braces, your orthodontists may provide you with several food restrictions you may not be able to eat, and it is one of the most reported disadvantages of metal wired braces.


These metal wired braces are a traditional form of braces that do not match the ongoing trend of the people. Thus they are pretty trendless and ancient, unlike Ceramic and Invisalign braces.

So these were some of the pros and cons of the metal wired braces.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal wired Braces Cost:

Which color is best for the metal wired braces?

It depends on several factors like your skin tone and your preference for how you want to make visible your teeth. There are probably no such best colors, the one which suits you is the best one.

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What to do for faster and better results with the metal wired braces?

For faster and better results, follow these steps;

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Seek timely checkups and appointments.
  • Try to avoid the things that may aggravate the damage in your mouth.
  • Maintain a good diet.

So this is how you can get relief from the braces faster.

What are the braces colors to avoid?

Avoid extremely dark colors like black and brown as they may give an unappealing appearance. Thus these colors are mostly not liked by most people.

I hope you find the article helpful. Kindly drop all your suggestions and comments below in the comment section. Stay connected to read more.

See you soon with the following and upcoming articles.

Thank you!

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