Do you love shopping? Try to be a shopping assistant!


Do you know that you can capitalize on your love for shopping to start a business? You can work as a personal shopper for someone looking for shopping assistance.

The icing on the cake is that you can have your payment for your shopping skills. This type of service is meant for clients who either are running short of time to shop or don’t know what to shop for. In short, you can begin a venture by being a personal shopper.

Your responsibilities would involve shopping for others. The best part is that you can make a living out of it. As a personal shopper, you can be asked to shop for almost anything like groceries, furniture, clothes, etc.

You can search for individual clients who are optimistic about hiring you. Besides, you can work directly with personal stylists. In the initial stage, working with a boutique or a department store can help you gain some experience in addition to your skills.

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This guest post can guide you on everything related to becoming a personal shopper. Dig through it without further ado.

How does a personal shopper work?

The main responsibility of a personal shopper is to give expert advice. Individual customers are to be served to keep their preferences in mind. This type of role needs you to show personalized attention to customers.

As a personal shopper, you should first discuss a few things with the customer. You can question them in different ways to identify their likes and dislikes. This is needed to understand the taste of the customer.

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The personal shopper and client can go shopping together. Here, the shopper can effectively guide the customer throughout the process.

The personal shopper will have to go alone if the client cannot accompany for shopping. In this case, the shopper can use their smartphone or even digital camera to click pictures or shoot videos about their finds. After that, they just share these photos and videos with the client to seek approval before buying.

To provide a personalized shopping experience to your customers, you must utilize different methods of communication. It is imperative that the customer should see the association as fruitful. This way, you will be able to form a loyal customer base.

How can you communicate with customers?

The personal shopper can also communicate with the customer via mail, over the phone, and even face-to-face. This type of business relies on your listening skills. Here, you should be listening carefully to what your clients are telling regarding their shopping preferences.

Listen to them patiently, and if required, you can cross-question them to get clarity on their likes and dislikes. A personal shopper should be capable of helping customers who are reluctant to shop for them.

How to get started being a personal shopper?

In order to get on this journey to become a personal shopper, perform these steps.

Study the industry

A personal shopper should be well versed in the fashion industry. They should be keeping an eye on the fashion trends to work out the best styles for their clients. The concept of fair pricing should be familiar to them.

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They should be artistic in approach when it comes to styling up. Resources like magazines and fashion books can come in handy in enhancing your knowledge about the fashion industry.

You can start working as an assistant to a fashion stylist or even a fashion photographer also. While assisting, you can get immense exposure to acknowledge what is happening inside the industry.

You can get your lessons even by spending time amidst the industry professionals also.

Decide which service would opt for you

There are categories from which you should select the one that suits you perfectly. A personal shopper will be working in the retail industry. Thus, they can choose any shopping service.

The fashion industry is a popular sector in retail. A personal shopper in this industry will help clients shop and provide styling tips.

Determine how much potential it has for you

As a business owner, profit is what would matter to you the most. This should be one of the decisive factors when finalizing the niche that would be profitable for you. Make sure how much demand it has.

If there is zero demand, then this clearly indicates that there is no competition. You will be able to make no profit out of this niche. All these can be determined by studying the market.

Get familiar with your competitors

To beat your competitors, you must understand what they are up to. Find out their marketing strategies and try to take lessons from their working procedure. Keep upgrading yourself, or else you will not be able to survive and sustain yourself.

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Work out your business plan

A business plan is a roadmap containing every step that is important for starting and executing this business idea. In order to get the business plan ready, accustom yourself with the service that you want to provide, a market that you are going to target, competitors, inventory requirements and costs, and finally, the overall start-up costs.

Estimate the budget

Setting up the budget is crucial as this will help you know how the costs should be spread across to cover the start-up costs. This will give you an idea of the number of finances you should arrange for the business.

The bottom line

Personal shoppers are like saviors to people who struggle while shopping. If you are known for your shopping skills, then take advantage of it. However, you should be ready to serve customers on their shopping needs.

You should enjoy helping others to shop. Retail experience will be a plus point if you want to begin your journey as a personal shopper.

Don’t restrict your shopping skills to personal obsession only! Make the most out of this opportunity to become a shopping assistant. This can be a potential business idea that you can start with minimum investment.

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