Road trip with the family: What to consider


Finding the right holiday destination for the whole family is not so easy. To the mountains or to the sea – or abroad. A road trip offers the opportunity to see much of the quality hoverboard with handle In the car you are fast and flexible on the road. We present you some tips to make the road trip unforgettable and to weld you together as a family.


Plan the road trip together with the family. The right planning is the be-all and end-all. Think about which stops you want to make where and which accommodation options are available.

For traveling with children, it is recommended to drive no more than four to five hours per day. Plan enough breaks or stopovers so that the road trip is relaxed for everyone.

A good mix of planning and spontaneous excursions is ideal. Online you can already get a lot of information about destinations or sights, but the spontaneous exploration of the surroundings makes the road trip with the family even more exciting.

For an exciting road trip, you don’t have to travel abroad. Also in Germany there are many great places to discover that are suitable for families.

On a trip through Bavaria, for example, you will get to know the diverse landscape. In addition to mountains and hiking routes, the state offers many lakes, valleys and sights. Explore the Alps with their idyllic flair and relax in healthy mountain air. A detour to Austria or Switzerland is also recommended on this trip.

The sea is particularly suitable as a destination or road trip for children. Along the Baltic Sea coast you will find great beaches for families, sights and nature reserves. In addition to old towns, beaches and lighthouses, you will also discover forests and natural landscapes, such as .B the ghost forest in Nienhagen.

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Means of transportation

For the road trip you can use your own car or a rental car. With a rental car, you should check in advance who is allowed to drive it. Especially for longer trips, it is pleasant if you can take turns driving.

Your own car is ideal for holidays with the whole family. It allows you to plan the trip flexibly as well as to arrive safely. If you do have a breakdown on long journeys, it is practical to have a cheap car insurance for families in your luggage.


If you only travel with your partner or with a small family, you can spend the night in the car. Simply fold the seats backwards and take enough blankets, pillows and sleeping bags with you.

But beware: You are not allowed to stay in the car everywhere. For example, you may not park your car on a private property or in a no-stop zone without consent. Camping or pitches are better suited for overnight stays in the car. These also have sanitary facilities.

In a hostel or a guesthouse you can accommodate with several people cheaply. If you have already planned the route, you can book a room in advance – this is cheaper and safer. Find hotels that suit you the best and make sure to book them ahead of time.

An alternative is “couchsurfing”, i.e. You guard another person’s house for a period of time. The online platform connects host and guest with each other and enables a cost-effective overnight stay.

Or you can pack the tent and sleep on camping or trekking sites on the way. What you should consider when camping with children can be found in this article.

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Employment for children

Especially on long car rides, children can quickly get bored. It is worth taking games and activities for the children with you. With music or radio plays you will not get bored and you can enjoy the passing landscape. Create a road trip playlist or pack CDs for the car.

Among the games that are suitable for long car rides and are the savior for traffic jams or the like are, for example, “Who am I?”, bingo and much more.m. Find more great ideas here.

Also pack the camera and capture the road trip in pictures. Other employment opportunities include books, painting materials, etc.

Prepared for emergencies

A good preparation of the road trip is indispensable – this also includes safety.

Always have an emergency kit with you just in case. Ideally, this includes first aid accessories as well as allergy tablets and much .m. Medicines, disinfectants and masks should not be missing.

What is also very worthwhile for the road trip is the conclusion of a car insurance. cheap electric stakeboards with this you are well protected and can enjoy the ride more relaxed. The insurance covers all costs incurred in the event of any damage or repairs.

Conclusion: Road trip with the family

In order for the road trip with the family to be fun and unforgettable, good planning is required – coupled with spontaneity. It is important to make important plans for security and accommodation in advance so that you enjoy the trip carefree. This makes the road trip a great experience for the whole family, which is often remembered.

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