The Growth Of Automated Machine Learning in 2023


Artificial intelligence and machine learning has the potential to change the course of human development. The scale of innovation is evident because of its effectiveness in various fields of activity. Machine learning, together with AI, helps people process large amounts of data. Current trends in this direction in 2023-2024 can lead to large-scale innovations. Here, we will sort out the best directions for 2023.

What does ML stand for?

Technical support is constantly improving, receiving innovative developments, and specialists need to rebuild their working methods and work with new tools. As soon as AI appeared, the creation of trends in machine learning began. This is one of the fundamental technologies in this area, which is based on a number of actions and separate algorithms. All of this allows machines to conduct an effective analysis and make decisions based on analytical data, but there is no strict adherence to rules.

AI is able to find patterns when performing complex processes, in which there are many additional parameters and factors. This technique was created to simplify the work of a person, especially when it is necessary to analyze a large flow of information. The use of ML makes it possible to obtain clear answers to specific questions, on the basis of which the correct conclusions are formed for work and other tasks.

With the help of AI and machine learning, people began to create separate neural networks with a human model of behavior. As a result, a number of errors are eliminated when performing specific tasks. The main goal of ML is to eliminate manual checks in order to automate work. In the process of innovation development, machines do not just learn but can remember specific actions, providing better answers and options for decision-making.

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AI is changing entire industries and how work is done. Today, automated machine learning (AutoML) solutions already exist that allow you to apply AI expertise in the domain and create best-in-class models. You can also try the AutoML platform for your business.

Top Machine Learning Trends in 2023

It is hard not to notice that technologies are developing every year and receiving investments, especially in the digital and IT spheres. As a result, developers need to use innovation to solve problems. Due to the short time to complete the work and high technological expectations, machine learning and AI is often used. At present, large funds and companies, (e.g., Google, Netflix, and eBay) use these technologies, but after 2020, we saw the active introduction of machine learning into trading platforms, including among small firms. This simplifies the work and analytics. The popularity of the direction will remain from 2023 until 2025 when an active phase of development is planned. Below are the top machine-learning trends for 2023.

Low-code and no-code innovations

Companies applying AI and machine learning will cause a surge in the AI trend in 2023-2024. The main problem is the lack of qualified personnel, which is slowing down the introduction of new technologies. Low-code or no-code technology can help fill such a gap.

This development enables non-AI professionals to use applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Developments without code have a simple interface but manage the most complex systems. The demand for developers and skilled AI workers is driving the need for low-code applications. Technologies of this kind can be considered one of the main trends in 2023 due to flexibility, speed, and savings in time and costs.

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The metaverse is supposed to be part of the evolution of the Internet when the full transition to Web 3.0 happens. These are separate platforms with a digital world, under the guise of a separate universe. People can spend time together, build a business, earn money and just live in this universe.

There has been a lot of demand for metaverses since the Covid-19 pandemic, a trend which will likely continue in 2023. Machine learning and AI will make the platforms themselves as easy as possible and will be an important link for the development, and life of such projects. For example, AI bots will be able to help people choose certain services and provide an immersive user experience.

AI and ML are the connecting components between the elements of the metaverse (3D animation, virtual reality, etc.). Many companies, brands, and manufacturers have been part of the digital world for several years, and the most pronounced example is Facebook.

Natural speech processing

This trend is the most talked about and NLP helps to simplify many daily tasks. With natural language processing, the need for manual input and content retrieval is removed. The machine automatically recognizes voice and speech through the software.

The main applications using NLP in business are:

  • mood analysis;
  • translation;
  • extraction of the text component;
  • grouping topics;
  • chatbots.

The possibilities of this element of machine learning are constantly expanding, and new communication methods are being created that are difficult to distinguish from a real person. The most common existing examples are:

  • Alexa;
  • Siri;
  • Google Assistant.
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Applications are able to convert human language into numerical form, after which all speech is read and understood by machines. These processes are carried out using pre-configured algorithms. Chatbots are an equally popular example that is suitable for any industry, such as hospitals, educational institutions, or customer help centers.

Combining Machine Learning with the Internet

Due to the transition to 5G networks, machine learning will make it possible to start working with the Internet of Things (IoT). High-speed indicators not only provide a quick response but also work with large amounts of data.

IoT makes it possible to connect several devices to one network via the Internet. The essence of the work is the collection of information for further analysis and study. This factor is considered the main one for machine learning.

Working with IoT projects is suitable for many areas of use:

  • healthcare;
  • education;
  • ecology;
  • trade;
  • IT sphere.

The use of technology can have a positive impact on security. Many modern startups have bugs that can leak data into the network. With the help of machine learning and automation, an analysis of possible threats can be quickly performed.


The future of technology lies with AI and machine learning. Over the next five to seven years, ML will become a clear competitive advantage for large companies and startups. The processes that people process manually today will soon be performed by machines. Algorithms will begin to be used not only in the field of economics or business but will also be suitable for everyday tasks, which can be seen today in smart homes, gadgets, etc.

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