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Cameras for action regardless of whether they’re GoPros or those made by DJI are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. However in terms of the audio quality of their built-in mic it isn’t possible to achieve high-quality audio because action cameras usually come by protective cases. This can cause distortion in the audio signal many of the time.

So, it’s a smart idea to connect an external Action Camera Microphone Attachment in conjunction with the camera you use for action, particularly for vloggers who require high-quality sound to create stunning video blogs.

This article will help you learn the seven top audiophiles which you could purchase to use with your action camera.

01- Rode VideoMic Pro

  • Support: GoPro Hero 5 from now, Osmo Action, Action 2, Insta360 ONE R and Insta360 One 2 (with adapter)
  • The best uses are Interviews and sporting events and Dialogue to camera.
  • Accessories included: Windshield

Its Rode VideoMic Pro is a ultra-high-end, light and simple-to-use shotgun-style microphone that you can utilize to shoot with your action cameras. The mic has a battery life that can last up to 70 hours and high-quality audio quality. It also has a three-way control switch that helps in the selection of noise reduction in the environment. Additionally, you get ettings of up to +20dB, 0dB and 10dB.

Rode VideoMic Pro Rode VideoMic Pro can be utilized in two different ways that are: with or without filtering and with a hi-pass filters that cuts frequencies lower than 80Hz.

2- Rode Wireless GO


  • Support: GoPro Hero 5 up to date, Osmo Action, Action 2, Insta360 ONE R and Insta360 One 2 (with adapter)
  • The best uses are: Filmmaking, On-camera Interviews, Presentations and Vlogs
  • Accessories included: Windshield, Carrying Pouch

A compact digital wireless microphone system, it’s the Rode Wireless GO is distinctive “clip and go” design, an extremely small in size, and unparalleled economical accessibility. It comes with only one receiver and transmitter with one receiver. This microphone is the ideal choice if you’re seeking a wireless mic setup for an action camera. Without those annoying large wires, the microphone is extremely mobile and simple to use.

Its Rode Wireless Go microphone allows users to record excellent audio using your action camera. This is the reason it has been described as “the best lavalier microphone available”.

3. Pixel Wireless Lavalier Microphone

  • Compatible: GoPro Hero 5 from now, Osmo Action, Action 2, Insta360 ONE R and Insta360 One 2. (with adapter)
  • Best use: Livestreaming, Vlog recording, interviews, Program Hosting, Podcasts and Presentation
  • Accessories included: Windshield, Portable Bag

A stylish Wireless lavalier mic system it’s the Pixel Wireless Lavalier Microphone allows users to move around with your camera , without getting caught with wires. Like the previous model microphone, this also comes with two transmitters and one receiver. receiver along with a receiver. It gives you a fantastic battery backup that lasts up to six hours!

The micro-processor-powered technology of Pixel Wireless Lavalier Microphone automatically reduces wind, environmental, or ambient noise. So, you can rest assured that each recording you take made with an action camera sounds great from beginning to end!

4. Rode VideoMicro


  • Compatible: GoPro Hero 5 up to date, Osmo Action, Action 2, Insta360 ONE R and Insta360 One 2 (with adapter)
  • Best use: Dialogue to Camera and Interviews music, sports, and more
  • Accessories included: Rycote lyre Shock Mount and a premium Furry Windshield

It is the Rode VideoMicro can be used ideal for those searching for a cheap external microphone to use with the action camera of their choice. It’s powered by your camera’s power plug, so you don’t need batteries in order to use it.

Its Rode VideoMicro mic system features an elegant Furry windshieldthat allows you to record high-quality audio to your video even in windy conditions. Overall, it’s an excellent budget-friendly option to record crystal-clear recordings for interview and video blogs.

5. Rode VideoMic GO

  • Support: GoPro Hero 5 up to date, Osmo Action, Action 2, Insta360 ONE R and Insta360 One 2 (with adapter)
  • Best use cases: Interview, Music Ambient Audio, Sports events and Dialogue
  • Accessories included: Windshield, 3.5mm TRS patch cable

It’s the Rode VideoMic GO is a great microphone that doesn’t have any complicated controls or settings. It’s incredibly easy to install and is easy to use. The mic itself is extremely lightweight, which means you can take it with you wherever without straining yourself.

Its Rode VideoMic GO microphone is made to target the small region of pickup right to the front of the mic. This mic is lightweight, which means it is great at making it less noisy and makes sure that your subject is completely isolated from background noise.

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