How to Utilize Instagram’s Instagram Swipe Up feature


This Instagram “swipe to the left” feature is an excellent way to reach out to your intended audience and earn more visitors to your site. With more than 800 million users active (and growing!) to its credits, Instagram is an increasingly crucial platform for those who are determined to build your business. Nowadays, marketing on social media is more than publishing good content. It is essential to discover new methods for you to keep your customers entertained. Making use of this Instagram Story feature will help you achieve exactly that. Let’s review the essential information you require to start off with the right attitude.

What is Swipe Up (and What Does It Do)?

If you’ve already mastered Instagram If you’re familiar with Instagram, then are aware that you have two options regarding how to make a post. You can post an ordinary post to your Insta-feed’s main feed, or you could add the content on your story instead. Feeds posts remain up for the duration of time however stories are removed within 24 hours. At first look, the story feature might seem redundant or unnecessary However, it can aid your business in the following ways: This allows you to post more often and increase engagement without over-saturating the feeds of your followers with your posts. FansLeap can help you harness the power of real-time advertising to raise brand awareness and grab people’s attention at the time it’s most needed.

Making sure you are at the top of your game with regards to your follower’s feeds. (Stories always show in the upper right corner of every user’s Instagram feed.) “Swipe upwards” is a useful feature that you can utilize to make your story posts more effective. Swipe up posts look as any other story share with the exception of the “see more” or “swipe up” an arrow to the lower left. If the user is able to swipe up in the direction you’ve instructed and they’re transported any destination you choose (e.g. the product page or even your company’s website). This is pretty cool, don’t you think?

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How Can You Add Swipe Up To my Story?

“Swipe Up” isn’t accessible to everyone Instagram users and, therefore, If you’re considering making use of it to increase your profile and traffic, you’ll need satisfy a few basic prerequisites first. Is your company’s Instagram actually an account for business? (If there’s no such thing, it’s pretty easy to make it one. Do you have at least 10,000 followers if you are able to answer “yes” on both these questions, you are able to begin embedding swipe up links in your posts and reaping the advantages. @fare depot makes use of GIF’s and animations in order to advertise their swipe up link Simply select your preferred base image then click on the appropriate icon for links at the top and then paste the link of your preference. That’s it!


Utilizing Swipe Up to Benefit

Like the stories themselves, adding the swipe-up feature in your social media strategy can be an important game changer on a variety of levels. Here are some of the most compelling reasons that businesses with a valid business plan should consider taking advantage of this feature.

Increase Your Traffic

Naturally, you’ve got your company’s primary website address within the Instagram biography, but it’s not enough if you truly desire your customers to look at the content you’ve got to provide. Aside from that, attention spans are very short and they are less likely to leave the page without a compelling reason. Furthermore, you’re limited to only one bio link, and it could not be the best method of showcasing the latest products.

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Naturally, you can present new products or services to your service or product catalog through your feed, but you should include a swipe up button within your posts, too. (Use the same method to inform customers about flash sales, special events, or specials too.) The more people click through, the more likely they are to read the content at all. The more simple it is for it easier for people to click through to the actual page of your product more likely you will be able to make a real sale from the sale.

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Offer a Different Side of Your Business

Since everything posted to Instagram stories disappears after 24 hours, and since anything shared to an account on Instagram disappears within 24 hours, the majority of people make use of them to showcase an aspect of their lives that is more spontaneous as well as “real” than the normal present.

For companies, stories provide an opportunity to make them more human their brand in the eyes of the people they want to reach. In the end, swipe up posts will definitely help increase your website traffic and increase sales of your product. However, they can aid in connecting with your clients at an intimate, very human level. Contemporary consumers – specifically those who use the internet to stay abreast on their favourite brands prefer to feel as if they “know” the brand on a the higher, more personal level.

Keep Relevant and Visible

If you post too often to your regular Instagram feed could expose you to unnecessary scrutiny by overflowing the feeds of your users an overwhelming amount of content which may or might not be relevant to them at any given moment. Additionally, you cannot know for certain that your followers are seeing the most important content that is time-sensitive in the time it takes to act on them.

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