Ceceliam Reviews: Is it Legit or Scam?


We shall attempt to review Ceceliam in this article. Many people are unsure whether or not they should use it. Several individuals are interested since they see fashionable clothes on this website. In this post, we shall do our best to address the reality. However, we do not guarantee that all of the information contained in this page is accurate. We’re simply compiling all of the relevant reviews and information from the internet.

Many individuals believe that this website is legitimate, yet there is numerous evidence to the contrary. Please take the time to read the entire article.


Ceceliam is a website that is new in the fashion industry. It wanted to make its name in fashion. it claims that it has started its online website as well as physical retail outlets. You can get almost every type of clothing on this website. It offers women’s wear, shoes, accessories, men’s wear, and much more. If you know want you want then you can visit their stores physically to analyze everything and there you can easily select what you want to buy. 

Ceceliam focuses on answering several important questions of customers. Several people are looking for the best site from where they can buy the finest swimwear, leggings, etc for the woman. This website claims that they can provide the best swimwear or leggings. There are many people who also want to buy sneakers and steel-toed boots of good qualities but at the lowest price. Ceceliam claims that its main motive is to resolve all of these issues. They have launched jackets, coats, and much more for ladies and men. They believe that they are providing clothes of the best quality. 

There are a number of people who wanted to know about this website, more specifically people of Canada and the USA want to know everything about this website. To get all the relevant information about this new website, you should read this article carefully.

Information about Ceceliam

Ceceliam has gained some fame because of its fashionable product. It contains many products for ladies such as bikinis and leggings which has attracted the woman population toward this platform. It has several products for men too, some of these are sneakers and jackets. Apart from leggings and bikinis, it also has almost every item for women. The company claims that it works for providing the most recent trending clothes at the lowest price. 

Currently, the company stated that they are focusing on producing goods that have high quality. They want to sell their products at the lowest price. They have a dream to become one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the coming years. This company claims that they respect the choice of the client and the client is its priority. They wanted to provide a wonderful experience to their customers. 

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But, before you start searching for your desired items you should read everything mentioned in this article. You should know that is a scam or not?

Specifications of the website

  • Website address is https://www.ceceliam.com/
  • The domain was registered on 21-10-2020 by the company.
  • As the company stated, the domain will expire on 21-10-2022.
  • If customer want to ask anything or complain so they can write a mail on Email Address- [email protected].
  • The company has a variety of clothes. They claim that they sell fashionable clothing for women and men.
  • They have a Contact Number for its client which is +86 17062509395.
  • But they have not provided the address of this company. You will not get the address of the company on the portal of this website.
  • They claim that they deliver products to customer all over the world. 
  • Processing Time: According to the statement given by the company, they can deliver products in 2-5 days.
  • Standard Shipping Time: According to the reviews about this company, it takes almost 12-22 business days to deliver a product.
  • They introduced Express Shipping which takes 5-8 days to deliver.
  • If you want to know the chargers for shipping any product then you can determine the shipping cost be checking the chart provided by the company. 
  • They have also started Free Shipping: but Free delivery is only available for a person who purchases goods of $89 or more.
  • They have also introduced Return Policy: if you have any problem with the item then you can avail their return policy. The company claims that it provides 30-day return policy.
  • If buyer returned any product, then they have Refund Policy: Company stated that they will refund the money of the buyer within 3-6 business days.  
  • If you are thinking to buy any product from this website then the company have provided only 2 Payment Options, these are VISA and MasterCard.
  • If you are looking for Social Media Links then you can find these on their product pages. You can see Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest logos, but they are inactive.

Advantages of Ceceliam

Now, we are going to talk about some pros of Ceceliam that are highlighted by the company and reviews. 

  1. Ceceliam believes that they are providing a wide range of clothing that is rich in quality. 
  2. Cecelaim is the company which produces products for both men and women. 
  3. The website uses SSL technology and the website is encrypted according to Ceceliam. It provides safe online purchases for the buyer. 
  4. This company has introduced a policy by which any buyer can get free delivery if he/she purchases an item that costs more than $89. 
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Disadvantages of Ceceliam

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss some cons of Ceceliam. Please read carefully.

  1. People don’t trust this website. We get this information by looking at the website’s trust rating which is very poor.
  2. This website doesn’t have any experience as it is very new in the market.
  3. Buyers don’t have several payment options on this platform. This company accepts only two payment alternatives, these are VISA and MasterCard.
  4. You will not get real reviews from any buyer on the internet about the portal of the website. 

Is Ceceliam Legit or Scam?

There are many people who think twice before buying anything from any website. I think it is very important to know about the website before purchasing anything. You should ensure that the site is not a scam. You have to keep in mind many things before concluding that Ceceliam is Legit or scam. Now, I am going to mention some important that can help you in concluding anything about this company.

  • This website has just completed 1 year on the Internet. This company registered its domain on October 21, 2020.
  • As I told you earlier that people don’t trust this website so, it has only a 14% trust score which is very less.
  • The company has not mentioned its office address on its official website which is not a good thing. The company has just started its phone number and email address.
  • Apart from all of these, if you want to look for its social media platform then you will get its social media icons are accessible but many reports state that they are inactive on their social media.
  • If you search on google, there is a high chance that you will not get any genuine reviews about this website.
  • If you make research on this website then you will see that almost 25% of the content that was shown by the website is taken from other popular fashion websites.

By concluding all of this information, we can conclude that this website somehow gives a false impression.  

Ceceliam Reviews

We will not claim all of these reviews are genuine but you can read some of these comments. We have searched for genuine customer reviews about Ceceliam but we get some comments which may be genuine or scams.

Any buyer should check the feedback of the customers who have used that website before anything from that website. The same should happen with Ceceliam too. You should check everything about this website before using this site.

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After researching the website, we found that there are many customers doesn’t even know about the company. Many people don’t know that the company produces women’s swimwear, leggings, or other men’s clothing. You will not get any correct feedback on its official website.

But I have got some of the reviews from any other platform. I don’t claim that it is real or fake.

This website, according to a user, is a terrible hoax where he lost his money. His order was never delivered. Three times in three emails, the company stated that they will refund. A never stopped reacting. DON’T waste your cash or time. Ordered from this company on February 4th, according to another user. The item was touted as a wonderful Valentine’s Day present. The item has not yet been dispatched as of today, February 12th.

This organization does not appear to be authentic. He is trying to receive a reimbursement from the bank. He stated that he wouldn’t buy from them again.

However, another customer who placed an order on this site noted, “The boxer pants I ordered for my daughter, she always sleeps in boxers. The fabric is soft, but the fabric is a little thin. The price is good, the quality is nice, the seams are neat and even, the thread does not stick out anywhere, and the seams are neat and even. The shipping is a little delayed, and it takes a while to arrive in the United States, but that is the exception.”

Conclusion about this Website

In this article, we have tried to mention every important piece of information that you should know about Ceceliam before buying anything. Ceceliam is a website which claims that it tries to produce different types of clothes that follow the latest trend to the customers of different countries. But as we didn’t get any information that supports its genuineness so we can’t state that this website is completely legitimate.

There are several reports which claim that Ceceliam is a fake website and they gave several reasons for that. Ceceliam is located at ceceliam.com. After buying any product from this website, the online customers risk receiving counterfeit goods from this website and it may also be possible that they will not receive anything at all. Many websites state that there are many users who are unsatisfied after buying from this website. To get the transactions cancelled and money refunded they have to contact their bank or financial institutions.

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