10 Characters Who Can Defeat Gon Freecss


Hunter X Hunter, in both the anime and manga, is renowned for its Nen battle system. Not only does Nen allow a character to be expressed through their battle style, but it also allows for a wide variety of different abilities and fighting types. This is easily seen in Gon Freecss, the series protagonist, whose ability, Jajanken, both reflects his playful nature and gives him a variety of skills.

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However, as strong as Gon is, he is far from the most powerful character in Hunter X Hunter. Throughout the series, there are a number of characters who could defeat him. 


Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer holding Bandit's Secret in HxH

Chrollo, the leader of the vicious criminal organization, The Phantom Troupe, is one of the most dangerous characters in the world of Hunter X Hunter. His ability, Skill Hunter, allows him to steal abilities from other Nen users, and wield them at a later time.

Not only does this make Chrollo a threat, but his available powers constantly expand, even during the series itself. Chrollo even holds his own in a fight against two dangerous assassins and manages to escape relatively unscathed. While Gon is certainly a talented fighter, it would be unlikely he could defeat a criminal as experienced as Chrollo. 

Isaac Netero

Isaac netero raises his hand and prepares for a fight in Hunter x Hunter

Isaac Netero, the elderly chairman of the Hunter Association, is a character whose story is expanded on relatively late in Hunter X Hunter. While he’s first shown as a mysterious, if capable old man, Netero’s true potential and most dangerous Nen ability in Hunter X Hunter are only shown during his fight with the Chimera Ant Meruem, when he summons a massive, blindingly fast statue to fight his opponents for him.

However, early on in the series, Netero easily defeats both Gon and his friend Kilua in a game of keep away without any Nen abilities, showing that Gon would not stand a chance against Isaac Netero at full force. 

Beyond Netero

Beyond Netero as seen in Hunter x Hunter

Beyond Netero, the son of Isaac Netero, is a character currently only seen in the Hunter X Hunter manga. However, while Beyond’s Nen or fighting style hasn’t been seen, his strategy and explorative feats more than makeup for it. Beyond is one of the few people who visited the Dark Continent, a massive landmass that surrounds the known world of Hunter X Hunter, and lived to tell the tale.

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Not only does this speak to the skills Beyond possesses, but he also has a large number of allies, especially within the Hunter Association, in case he needs more help. 

Killua Zoldyck

Killua's serious face in HxH

Killua Zoldyck is Gon’s best friend in Hunter X Hunter, but he could also best him in a fight. While Killua and Gon learned to use Nen at around the same time, Killua also has a lifetime of training as an assassin to fall back on, and his abilities also counter Gon’s slow, methodical Jajanken.

Not only can Killua use electricity, but he can also infuse himself with it, massively increasing his speed for bursts of time, while Gon’s ability takes time to charge and release. 

Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck glaring in Hunter X Hunter

Silva Zoldyck is not only the patriarch of the assassin-centric Zoldyck family but a dangerous combatant in his own right. He’s renowned as one of the best assassins in the world of Hunter X Hunter and has the physical strength and Nen abilities to match, including the ability to generate and throw massive orbs of energy.

While Gon’s best friend might be another Zoldyck, defeating such a dangerous and vaunted foe would be a nearly impossible task. 


Hisoka and Gon fighting in Hunter x Hunter

Not only is Hisoka’s abilities make him difficult to combat and he has been seen in combat with a number of dangerous individuals, but his one fight with Gon ended decidedly in his favor, though he promised to fight Gon to the death at a later date. 


Mereum is the king of the Chimera Ants, a strange race who gain the traits of creatures that they eat. As such, he is both a brilliant strategist, as well as a powerful and skilled user of Nen in HxH, which gives him unparalleled speed and offensive prowess.

Even other powerful Nen users, such as Isaac Netero, were unable to defeat the king fairly in combat, making a win doubtful for Gon.


Kurapika grabs a lock of her hair in Hunter x Hunter

Kurapika is another friend of Gon’s, but his unique abilities would give him an edge in a fight against the protagonist of Hunter X Hunter. Kurapika’s Nen manifests as spectral chains with a number of different abilities.

While some of these abilities are used by Kurapika only against members of the Phantom Troupe, the ones he consistently uses still make him a dangerous threat. In fact, in parts of the manga not adapted to the anime, Kurapika gained even more abilities, heightening the divide between his power and Gon’s even more. 

Knuckle Bine

Knuckle Bine in Hunter X Hunter baring his teeth while attacking

Knuckle, a headstrong young hunter, was an instrumental member in the war against the Chimera Ants. Not only is he a skilled fighter, but Knuckle’s Nen ability allows him to prevent others from using their own if specific requirements are met.

In fact, Knuckle’s abilities proved too much for Gon to handle when they did fight, locking Gon’s Nen for a month.  

Biscuit Kreuger

Biscuit's right hand glowing with Ko aura

Biscuit Kreuger was one of Gon’s main teachers of Nen and its various techniques during the events of the Greed Island arc in Hunter X Hunter, but she can easily hold her own in a fight.

While her primary Nen ability isn’t suited to combat, her fighting skills are still obviously a large threat. In the few fights Biscuit takes part in, she easily holds her own against a variety of opponents. Furthermore, as Gon’s teacher, it is obvious that her skills could easily surpass his, given both her experience and age. 

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