10 Things You Need To Know About How They Cast Big Brother


For a long time, the term “Big Brother” only referred to the powerful presence in George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984. In this popular and iconic book, everyone is being watched all the time, and it’s definitely unnerving.

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The reality series Big Brother is inspired by that idea, as it’s about contestants living in a house together, and audiences get to see every moment of drama. But, how do people get on Big Brother in the first place? With over 30,000 applicants each year, the odds may seem slim, but there are plenty of ways to improve the odds of earning a spot on the show.


The Application Suggests That Not Everyone Likes Each Other

Big Brother 7 All Star Cast

There are always villains on Big Brother and these are people who seem to always stir up trouble, create drama, and make people angry. As it turns out, this begins even at the casting process.

The application wants the potential cast member to consider the personality types that they don’t like and that would get them fired up. According to Reality Blurred, the application reads “As much as you think you get along with everyone, YOU DON’T.”

Personality And IQ Tests Are Given

Both personality and IQ tests are given to the potential cast members, according to Reality Blurred. This is interesting to learn, especially since there are contestants who fans just don’t love.

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The personality test had two tests that took 15 minutes to half an hour and a multiple-choice test that would take 60 minutes. Someone who tried out for the show told Reality Blurred that questions involved “what they’d think if their mother was revealed to be a murderer.”

The Contestants’ Health Is Considered

The official casting website for Big Brother Canada notes that “you must be in excellent physical and mental health” if someone is going to apply to be on the show.

This makes sense, as filming takes place over a long period of time, and it would be difficult if someone had to leave halfway through.

People Who Make It Past The First Round Go To L.A.

Of course, tons of people apply to be on reality shows all the time and hear absolutely nothing, which would be disappointing. But when people have successful applications and make it past that first round, they go to L.A. for the audition.

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People say that it’s a “long process” and that no one really knows all of the details of this stage of the journey, but as mentioned above, there are IQ tests and other obstacles that everyone has to get through.

The Process Involves An Application, Video, And Audition

In order to be considered for Big Brother, everyone has to fill out an application, send a video, and if they’re chosen, they have to be auditioned.

It definitely sounds like people have to put in quite a lot of time and hard work in order to even get to the audition phase.

The Casting Director Wants People To Be True To Themselves

The casting director, Robyn Kass, said that she wants people to be true to themselves during the audition process. She told Globalnews.ca, “I would rather just have a conversation with you than you stand up in front of me and say the cliche Big Brother things that you think I want to hear. Those are what I don’t want to hear.”

That’s interesting, as many people might put on fake personalities or be too over-the-top during the audition because they might think that their real self is too dull. But that won’t make anyone successful, and the best houseguests are compelling people who are exactly who they are.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Applying More Than Once

It would be tough to get rejected from Big Brother and want to apply again when the casting process begins the following season. But experts say that’s exactly what people should think about doing.

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There’s nothing wrong with applying more than once because producers might change their minds each season. Someone might not appeal one season and the next, they seem like the right fit.

An Open Schedule Is The Best Thing

It’s fun learning BTS details about Big Brother and this is a juicy one. Natalie Negrotti, who was on season 18, said that she quit her job before she was cast on the show. She explained that she applied to the show while she still kept her regular job, but soon, it became too time-consuming.

If people really want to be cast on the show, they need to have an open schedule so they are ready for the long audition process.

Keep In Mind Everyone Is A “Character”

People being cast on Big Brother are “characters.” This is something that can be easy to forget, but it’s an amazing piece of advice for those who dream of being on their favorite reality show.

This is why fans would love to see Bachelor cast members on Big Brother, as these people have big personalities that would make an impression and be entertaining.

Being Dull Definitely Doesn’t Cut It

Someone who auditioned for Big Brother shared their experience on Reddit and said they were in Raleigh, North Carolina for the process.

They said that the casting director made sure that people didn’t say really dull things. When one person gave a fairly bland answer, she said, “you really think we haven’t heard that one before? What’s something about you that stands out?” It’s a good reminder that when someone wants to make it onto Big Brother, they need to be unique and original.

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