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’90 Day Fiancé’ star from Season 2 of the show Jason Hitch has died of complications from Covid. He was 45.

Jason Hitch who starred in the second season of 90 Day Fiancé has died from COVID-19 complications, per TMZ. The reality star’s sister Shannon informed the outlet about his passing, noting how his family was able to be with him for his final moments in the ICU of a Florida hospital. Although Jason was not vaccinated, he did not have any preexisting medical conditions, to the family’s knowledge.

Jason Hitch & Cassia Tavares
Jason Hitch & Cassia Tavares (90 Day Fiance/YouTube).

Jason first appeared on the show in 2014 and was married to a Brazilian woman named Cássia Tavares who moved to the states to be with him. They met via Facebook while she was long-distance dating one of his friends he went to basic training with (he was a first lieutenant in the Army reserves in Florida). “We struck up a conversation online and it wasn’t until six, seven, eight months where she said that she’s not involved with him anymore and she approached me about a relationship,” Jason said in a show confessional. Cassia then moved to the U.S. and the pair tied the knot in Sept. 2014, with her K-1 process documented on the show.

Jason Hitch
Jason Hitch (90 Day Fiance/YouTube).

Although they hit it off, they did face their fair share of issues during their relationship. Jason was arrested for domestic battery in early 2017 after allegedly pushing Cassia to the ground, and that action seemed to act as the catalyst for the demise of their relationship, as they then separated. The Illinois native later filed for divorce in January 2018.

The pair, however, had one last go before Jason filed again in Sept. of that year. “I tried everything last year to save whatever we thought we had,” he told Starcasm in Feb. 2018 about how he tried to save their marriage. “She flipped a switch and that was it. There was nothing I could do.” The couple ultimately divorced in 2018.

Despite Covid restrictions, Jason was luckily able to be surrounded by his family at the time of his death, with his sister telling TMZ that he was a “true and honest shooter” in his position with the Army reserves and “a great officer and leader to his men.”

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