Best Gluten-Free Cakes Straight from the House of Bakers


Who said if you are gluten allergic, you cannot have cake? Being allergic to gluten should not make you pay such a price. No doubt cakes are the most loved dessert around the globe. It represents celebrations, happy moments, and no celebration is considered complete without a cake. Sometimes satisfying sugar cravings can be a reason enough to celebrate, right? Not exaggerating or anything but some of the best ingredients on this earth come together to form a cake; it ought to be irresistible. 

But the sad part is that some people are gluten intolerant. So, they need to be careful what goes into their system. Now, you don’t need to be a baker to know that gluten is one ingredient in a cake. If you are about to quit eating cakes, DON’T! Some bakers like The Naked Bars have come up with a range of the best gluten-free cakes that are completely friendly for allergic people. If gluten is your biggest enemy, check out a few cake recipes that come straight from the house of the best bakers. 

Orange olive oil cake

If you enjoy the orangy aroma of the cake, the gluten-free cake recipe that you should order is orange olive oil cake. For its sophisticated, aromatic, and utterly delicious qualities, an orange olive oil cake gets a 5/5 by dessert lovers. It’s a dry cake that’s made with very few ingredients like orange, lemon, olive oil, eggs, etc. also; it has a longer shelf life due to the absence of frosting or icing. You will easily find this cake flavor in a bakery. You can also bake one at home as the baking process is really simple. 

Gluten-free carrot cake

Gluten-free carrot cake is a complete classic cake that keeps gluten out and all the warm flavors like cinnamon, sultanas, and mixed nuts in. You can make your tea time extra delicious and fun with this gluten-free carrot cake. The luscious cinnamon toppings enhance every bit of this cake flavor. Find some other popular gluten-free cake ideas on the list. 

Easy vegan chocolate cake

Here comes a chocolaty treat on the list. How could you even think we will miss chocolate cake while preparing a list of best cakes? Well, chocolate cakes can be made gluten-free too. You’d never guess a chocolate tower – two fluffy, spongy layers sandwiched together with a thick, dark chocolate icing – would be dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. The silky-smooth chocolate icing that tops this quick vegan chocolate cake contains avocado as a secret ingredient. Chocolate cake is a famous choice amongst youngsters, so just in case you are gluten intolerant, gluten-free cakes are delivered by famous bakers at The Naked Bar. 

Almond and apple cake

Next on the list is an almond and apple cake that is made with healthy ingredients like apples and almonds. Not only is there no flour in this apple and almond cake (ground almonds and apple sauce bind the batter together), but there’s also no processed sugar or butter. For a mild sweetness, add maple or agave syrup and cinnamon for a touch of warmth. Make a simple maple syrup and apple glaze to serve. Not only is it a gluten-free cake recipe, but it is also a healthy version of desserts as apples and almonds are nutritious. 
Being allergic to gluten should not make your life heart. You have all the right to enjoy that piece of cake you are always eyeing at a party. So, with some smart replacement in the ingredients, bakers have come up with gluten-free cakes for you. Explore the online bakeries to try some delectable recipes. 

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