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With the increase in Anime viewership across the globe, Netflix has gone bonkers and delivered flawless anime on their platform for subscribers. From sports-based anime to mysteries, Netflix has all been covered. With the steep reduction in the subscription price and induction of new users in the platform, now Netflix contains thousands of Anime web series and movies for its discrete set of users. There are also some of the best crime drama anime web series on Netflix that you must watch to get more thrill. Apart from long-running and famous anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokemon, and Detective Conan-Case closed, there are some underdog anime still left and are easily available on the Netflix platform. Till now the Crunchyroll platform remains the most sought OTT for Anime viewers but Netflix is soon catching up with the pace. Like all other anime, these anime are also based on the popular Manga series from Japan. Even if you are not able to comprehend the original Japanese language, the Animes have been dubbed in other languages such as English, Hindi, French, Arabic, Spanish, and other languages along with the subtitles. However, Anime is mistakenly deemed to be made for kids which is not true all the time. Anime is made for all types of audiences and it often contains some visuals like murder, sex scenes, and others which might not be suitable for all viewers so in such case do read the disclaimer before moving further with any Anime. This post has some of the best crime drama anime web series along with their reviews that are available on the Netflix platform. 

Death Note

Death Note series

  • The first Crime drama-based anime web series to make it to the list is Death Note. The anime has just one season available on Netflix and is complete in its term. The web series was made available on Netflix in the year 2017 and is available in multiple languages. There are 22 episodes of the Death Note web series available having a run time of 20-25 minutes each. As the name suggests, it is a Crime drama-based series with some hints of supernatural events and mysteries. The original Manga series was written by Tsugumi Ohba and has 12 volumes of manga. The anime series was created by Madhouse Production and directed by Tetsuro Araki. The original series was broadcasted in Japan in the year 2006 while Netflix adopted the rights of the same in 2017 by Viz Media. 
  • Now about its reviews, on the IMDb platform, its score is 8.9/10 which is pretty decent while on the Myanimelist it has scored 8.6/10. In the Google review platform, it has been reviewed 4.9/5 while 100% of the viewers on the Rotten Tomatoes platform have recommended Death Note to other viewers. The story revolves around Light Yagami who is a high school student who comes across a mysterious black notebook named “Death Note”. The book is not any ordinary one, it previously belonged to Shinigami Ryuk who grants the user to end anyone’s life by writing the name on the page of the book. The god-like vigilante that does the work for “Light” is “Kira”. Light to bring peace in society initially starts targeting Japanese criminals and later goes international. The mode of death is either a heart attack or an accident. The public soon realizes that the power behind all these activities is “Kira” which is a “Killer” for the Japanese. To stop all these activities, Interpol seeks assistance from a detective named “L”. L seeks information from Light in parts. So all the secrets of “Death Note” will be revealed in one go, to know more you must watch all the episodes of the web series. 
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Vagabond manga anime

Vagabond manga anime

  • The last anime that centers around the crime drama category from the Netflix vault is Vagabond manga. The original manga series is written by Takehiko Inoue which depicts the life of a Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The anime version in Japan has been serialized by  Kodansha’s seinen while Viz Media holds the copyrights and license for its telecast in North America. It is one of the highly awarded series in Japan and has won many prizes. Having a look at the reviews for this particular web series is also noteworthy. In the IMDb platform, it has a rating of 8.5/10 while for MyAnimeList it has scored 8.6/10. Nearly 95% of the Rotten Tomatoes viewers have found it worth recommending it to others while on Google reviews it has a rating of 4.7/5.
  • The plot of the anime opens in the pre victorian era around 1600s where the Battle of Sekigahara is about to end. The two teenage soldiers from the army named Takezō Shinmen and Matahachi Honiden, having ages around 17, are on the losing side. After the end of the war, both the soldiers flee from the battlefield to an unknown location hoping to return and become the “Invincible Warrior Under The Heavens”. There road to be the lead warrior is filled with many obstacles as there first place where they took asylum was attacked by a gang as the outcome to which  Matahachi Hon’iden is left behind by Takezō Shinmen to lead a Vagabond lifestyle. So what happen when the two warriors again face each other is worth watching in the series.

One Piece

One Piece series

  • Another great Crime Drama-based web series on Netflix is One Piece. Netflix has the animated version of “One Piece” as well as a live adaptation of the anime version with the same name. The storyline of both is somewhat similar so you can follow either of the two options for watching. The original Manga series was written by Eiichiro Oda who is also the consultant for the live action show while the production for the American viewers is done by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda for the Netflix platform. The series first premiered on 31 August 2023 on Netflix with 8 episodes having a run time of one hour each. Since its release, the show has gained mass popularity and has attracted more viewership for anime as well as live-adaptation series. It is one of a kind crime drama series having elements of comedy, action, adventure, as well as thrillers. From IMDb to Google Reviews it is one of the highest rated web series based on Anime that is available on the Netflix platform. The IMDb score of the anime is 8.4/10 while for the Google Review platform it is 4.6/5. Almost 84% of the Rotten Tomatoes viewers have recommended the series for other viewers. Since the live adaptation of One Piece has one season so far while the second one is in the process, viewers have the advantage here. They can prefer the anime version of the “One Piece” if they are desperate to watch what lies beyond the first season. The live adaptation version is available in English, Hindi, and other languages but the anime version is available in only English and Japanese along with subtitles.
  • The plot revolves around a group of young pirates who set their ship to sail in the ocean in the quest of “One Piece”. “One Piece” is deemed to be a famed treasure that will make their ship’s captain, Captain Monkey D. Luffy, “The King of The Pirates’ ‘. The team is collectively known as “Straw Hat Pirates”. The story begins with the execution of a legendary pirate after which Captain Gold Roger, takes his crew members to the sea in search of the “One Piece” but they are unable to find it. 22 years down the line, pirate “Monkey D. Luffy is still searching for the “One Piece” and somehow lands in a ship of a cruel pirate named “Alvida ”. He is able to overpower “Alvida ” and also rescue a cabin crew “Koby”. Kobby, who himself aspires to become a mariner, follows Luffy to a marine base and further both head towards the Grand Line in search of “One Piece”. Along the way, they will face hardships, rescue more people, and assimilate them into the group. So it is worth watching their journey on the Netflix platform. The web series is all about drama, crime, friendship, comradery, and determination for unimaginable goal. 
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Romantic Killer 

Romantic Killer series

  • Romantic Killer is another best Drama anime from the Netflix vault. It is not crime-based but more like a comedy drama-based anime web series available on Netflix. So far only one season is available on the Netflix platform of this amazing anime having 12 episodes. The season premiered in 2022 on Netflix while in Japan the 2019. The manga series with name “Romantikku Kirā” has been written and serialized by the popular writer “Wataru Momose”. It is one of the most-watched anime on Netflix and the reason for it can be seen in its reviews across different platforms. 96% of the Rotten Tomatoes viewers have recommended the anime to other viewers while in Google reviews it has a decent score of 4.6/5. Then in the IMDb platform it has an average score of 7.6/10 while the MyAnimeList has given a 8.2/10 rating for “Romantic Killer”. Though only season 1 is available, work on Romantic Killer Season-2 has begun and the same will be available on the Netflix platform. The anime web series was made to encourage the Japanese population since their fertility rate is declining. 
  • The story revolves around a young teenage girl named “Anzu Hoshino” who prefers to remain in her own comfort zone of playing video games at home and is least bothered with other activities like being involved in a romantic relationship. One day while she was busy playing a game named “Romantic Thriller” which was a simulation based game, she found herself to be part of the game where the in-game character “Riri” appeared from the game in real life and challenged her to get involved in at least one romantic relationship. Anzu is reluctant in the beginning but after “Riri” is able to confiscate her three beloved things like her cat named “Momohiki, chocolates, and video games, Anzu agrees. Her fast task though she is not willing is to meet her boy classmate named “Tsukasa Kazuki” who is good looking possesses all the well-mannered qualities. All her interactions in real life are staged by “Riri” who is also a “Romance God” in Japanese folklore similar to Cupid. Still till the very end Anzu prefers to remain single. Then the other boy that appears in her life is “Junta Hayami” who is her childhood friend. Since childhood, Junta has a big time crush on Anzu and after discovering that she is more into athletic guys he transforms himself into one but this is also not enough to impress her. All throughout the series, Riri will keep throwing such incidents in Anzu’s way but will she ever get involved in one? To find out you must watch the season 1 and eagerly wait for Romantic Killer season 2 on the Netflix platform. 
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B – The Beginning

B - The Beginning

  • Almost all anime’s are at first based on Japanese Manga series and then later converted into web series. After that, the copyright and license are sold to other countries like America for expansion but B – The Beginning is one such anime that is 100% made and translated in Japan for the worldwide audience. B – The Beginning was created by Production I.G and Kazuto Nakazawa which premiered worldwide in 2018 via the Netflix platform. The manga series is written by “Kazuto Nakazawa” while the web series anime adaptation of the same has two seasons. The first one was released on Netflix in the year 2018 with 12 episodes while the second season was launched in 2021 with 6 episodes. All episodes are available on Netflix and have a runtime of approximately half an hour approximately. B – The beginning of one of the most-watched crime drama thriller anime web series on Netflix. It also involves sci-fi with some captivating twists and suspense in the play. Since it is one of the new anime, it has an average score when it comes to reviews. On the IMDb platform, it has a score of 7.1/10 while on the MyAnimeList it has 7.2. Viewers’ review on the Google review platform ranks 4.5/5 so all in all it is a great crime drama anime for a one-time watch. 
  • The plot of the anime is inspired by Cremona City of Italy. The center of attraction is the “Killer B” who is a serial killer and has created havoc in the city. Our hero who works as an investigator in the Royal Investigation Service (RIS) is Keith Flick also called Koku. Koku has abnormal human abilities. He can shape parts of his body into wings and blades to achieve any objective. Since the RIS is behind Killer B who is the lead suspect in numerous crimes and killings in the city while on pursuit they are able to rescue the survivors of his attack and are recruited by Quinn. To discover more about these characters and their superhuman powers, watching B – The Beginning on the Netflix platform is a must.

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