DC’s Wonder Girl Stars In Incredible New Yara Flor Cosplay


In a new Wonder Girl DC Comics cosplay, cosplayer Lis Wonder brings Yara Flor to life in a costume with stunningly detailed armor.

Wonder Girl is one of DC Comics’ best new characters, and in a stunning new cosplay from cosplayer Lis Wonder, the armor-wearing hero comes to life in incredible detail. Wonder shared her take on Yara Flor, showing off a cosplay that’s chalked full of fantastic detail, bringing the popular hero from the comic page to the real world. The cosplay makes us long for Flor’s live-action debut, as it does an amazing job capturing the character.

Yara Flor has been one of the best new additions to DC Comics in a long time, despite only being around for less than a year following her first appearances in Infinite Frontier #0/Death Metal #7 in 2021. Created by Joelle Jones, Wonder Girl is the Amazon of the Amazons and the Wonder Woman of Future State, as the spunky Brazillian hero was born to a Themiysciran mother. Her ties to the Themiscyra were being revealed in her ongoing series from the writer/artist but was recently canceled by DC Comics. Still, Flor will play a key role in the upcoming Wonder-filled crossover event, The Trials of the Amazon, where she’ll team up with Wonder Woman, Nubia, and Hippolyta. In live-action, Wonder Girl nearly starred in a series on CW, which was green-lit before later being canceled before a pilot was ever filmed.


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On her Twitter and Instagram account, Lis Wonder shared her cosplay recreation on Wonder Girl. Her interpretation feels DCEU quality, as the amazing armor (courtesy of @knightly_Kreations_) and undersuit (via @CyanManDesigns) look fantastic as it does a beautiful job of helping bring the hero to life. Additionally, the gold details, tiara, and chest plate bring the cosplay together as she wields the Golden Boledoras. Altogether, it’s undoubtedly Yara Flor as it’s the best Wonder Girl cosplay we’ve ever seen.

Yara Flor is such a fun character to follow, so hopefully, the character’s popularity will mean she’ll be starring in her own DC Comics series again very soon. Wonder Girl’s cancelation came as quite a surprise. But, at least in the short term, her adventures will continue in the upcoming The Trials of Amazon event.

No matter what Wonder Girl’s future fate in the comics ends up being, the hero clearly has resonated with readers – including Lis Wonder. The talented cosplayer did a stellar job bringing the hero to life, as the Wonder Girl ensemble does justice to the newer DC Comics character.

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Source: Lis Wonder – Twitter

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