Deadpool Is Back Where He Belongs On The X-Men’s Most Brutal Team


Deadpool has been claiming his status as a mutant for a long time, and it seems Krakoa will finally recognize him as he becomes a member of X-Force.

The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, is back where he belongs, as the fan-favorite character finally gets the spot he deserves in a mutant team, X-Force. A preview cover for X-Force #30 (by Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill) shared by Marvel Comics shows that Deadpool will finally earn his place in Krakoa and join the covert operations team led by Beast and Wolverine.

Deadpool conquered Marvel readers through his crazy antics, endless jokes, and his awareness of being inside a comic book. Wade Wilson acquired his powers, enhanced physical abilities and an impressive healing factor derived from Wolverine’s one, through experimentation by the secret US/Canadian project Weapon X using Logan’s genetic material. Due to this unique origin story, Deadpool often claims to be a mutant and an X-Man, a claim that is usually vehemently denied by the mutant community. His fixation with the X-Men is born from several factors, mostly his past relationship with Cable, who founded the original X-Force.


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In fact, Deadpool has been a member of a mutant team more than once. He was actually invited by Archangel and Wolverine to join a secret version of X-Force whose task was to proactively eliminate threats to the mutant race. That affiliation did not last long, however, as Deadpool was never a great team player. Later, Wade was also invited by Captain America, one of his personal heroes, to join the Avengers Unity Division, a mixed team of Avengers and X-Men, which further fueled Deadpool’s claims of being officially one of the X-Men. Things changed, however, when the nation of Krakoa was founded, and the line between mutants and non-mutants was drawn much more clearly.

X-Force 30 cover with Deadpool

Only true mutants can be citizens of Krakoa. Deadpool tried to force his way in – with his usual finesse – but the X-Men made it very clear that Krakoa is not for him. Wade even tried to sneak into the Hellfire Gala but was stopped by Wolverine and Domino, even if he was eventually invited to join the festivities (in secret) after helping them deal with a crisis. The cover and solicit synopsis for X-Force #30 show that Wade has finally earned a spot in the team, which means that Krakoa will officially recognize him as a mutant. While surprising, this is not totally unexpected. Another “non-original mutant,” Mister Sinister, also lives on Krakoa, and is even a member of the Quiet Council too. Sinister was not born as a mutant but acquired the X-gene through his own experiments, which is not that different from what happened to Wade.

According to the synopsis for X-Force #30, the team needs all the help it can get in the fallout from the Hellfire Gala and the revelations of the event A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY. The news that Deadpool will join Krakoa and X-Force is a pretty exciting one. Wade’s time on the team is fondly remembered by fans, and a version of X-Force also appeared in the movie Deadpool 2. To see what the future holds for Deadpool, and what dangers his crazy antics will bring to Krakoa, readers will have to wait until X-Force #30 is released on July 27.

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