Elden Ring: Early Game Rune Farming Locations


Elden Ring will have newcomers and veterans alike scrambling for runes throughout most of the game. As such, those wishing to start the game out strong will have a few choices of good farming spots that won’t require players to travel too far or incur much risk. Runes are the game’s main currency and will be required for most things, such as leveling up players’ characters or buying items in the shops. Therefore, it is not a bad idea for players to take a few moments to farm during the earlier parts of Elden Ring, as they will never have a shortage of things to spend them on.

Runes are the equivalent to souls in FromSoftware’s previous game series, Dark Souls, and are the bread and butter of Elden Ring. They will be required to upgrade armaments, level up characters, buy items and spells, and even level up spirit summons. Although there will be no shortage of enemies to farm in Elden Ring, not all are worth the time and effort required to kill them.


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When looking for a good farming spot during the earlier parts of Elden Ring, a few important things should be taken into account. First, it should be close to a Site of Grace to respawn the enemies as quickly as possible. Second, the farmed enemies should either provide a lot of runes upon death or be present in high numbers. Lastly, they should be somewhat easy to kill as players want to repeat the farming cycle in Elden Ring as quickly as possible.

How to Farm the Limgrave Trolls in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Warmasters Shack Map Location Farm

The first location is near the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave, up in the mountains of Stormhill in Limgrave. Heading south from that point, players can farm five trolls that will reward players with 1000 runes each upon death. Although these can be farmed individually, it can be much more effective for players to get all of their attention while on horseback to try and group them up. Most large creatures in Elden Ring will damage other enemies with their attacks, and as such, the goal is to have the five trolls kill each other.

When farming these trolls, it is crucial that players keep moving sideways and don’t get too far away from them to avoid triggering a barrage of ranged shout attacks that can easily kill Elden Ring player’s mount and leave them vulnerable. On the other hand, it is also important to stay close enough to ensure they use their melee attacks to hurt each other. If this feels too difficult, players can instead farm the one troll that spawns near the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace, which will only provide 1000 runes per run but is much safer.

How to Farm the Stormveil Castle Golems in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Golems Stormveil Castle Map Locaion Farm

To get to the second location, players will first need to kill one of the most challenging early game bosses in Elden Ring, Margit, the Fel Omen. Then, on the broken bridge leading to the Divine Tower, players will find three golems: two melee ones and one using a giant bow. Although these reward 1039 runes, which isn’t much more than trolls, these enemies can be farmed much more safely and recovering runes if players happen to die is almost guaranteed.

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The trick to farming these in Elden Ring is once again to use the enemies’ attacks against each other. Players should aim to keep the two golems between them and the archer in order for the arrows to hit one or both of them. After taking enough damage, golems will fall on their side, after which players should run towards their chest area and attack to perform a critical hit. After using this method to take down both melee golems, players can simply attack the last one’s legs as he is much easier to kill than the other two.

How to Farm the Caelid Tiny Knights in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Church of Marika Location Map Portal

The third location will require a bit more effort to get to, and it is the most dangerous but also the most rewarding. To get there, players will need to travel to Elden Ring’s Church of Marika in eastern Limgrave. Next to it is a river that players can follow eastward in order to find a portal that will take them to the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid. After arriving, make sure to go into the building and use the Site of Grace, and then avoid the very big and dangerous enemy outside on the way out.

The enemies players are looking for are very small knights that will reward them with 1000 runes per kill. These can be somewhat hard to spot at times, so players should use “targeting” if they have difficulties. Ideally, players should aim to use Elden Ring’s stealth mechanic as much as possible as they hit hard and may even one-shot some characters. On the positive side, they do not have a lot of health considering the overall difficulty of this area and are easily staggered. These enemies can be farmed relatively quickly and will award as many runes as killing a troll.

Kill the Defenseless Dragon in Caelid in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Elder Dragon Greyoll Caelid Location M

The last entry is not exactly a farming spot but instead the location of a massive defenseless dragon that players can kill for a whopping 50 000 runes. Elder Dragon Greyoll is located to the south of the previous farming location, and it will not fight back no matter what the players do to it. Be warned that it has an enormous health pool, and it may take some time for players to reduce it all the way down to zero. Although killing this dragon has some lore implications in Elden Ring, there are otherwise no known consequences for doing it. Along with the 50 000 runes, it will also drop five Dragon Hearts.

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There are two ways to kill Elder Dragon Greyoll, the safest consists of players attacking it from behind near its legs and wings in order to avoid her offspring. These five smaller dragons can also be farmed but are not quite as passive as their mother. Each will offer 3500 runes when killed and will respawn as long as players do NOT kill all five of them. This is because each time one of them dies, Elder Dragon Greyoll will lose a fifth of her hit points, which relates to the second method of killing this massive dragon. Killing all five of her offspring will reward players with a total of 67 500 runes, which is huge during the early game in Elden Ring, but will kill all dragons, and they won’t respawn anymore.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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