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I’ve always wanted an hourglass figure, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with a small waist like other women. But when I found out from social media that the famous Kardashian sisters use waist trainers to reshape their bodies and have an hourglass figure, I knew I had to try it too and see if it works for me as well.

I’ve started reading about waist trainers and their benefits and I found out that they are similar to the old corset used by women centuries ago but much softer and comfortable. So, I decided to search online for an affordable woman waist trainer belt, as I didn’t have a big budget back then.

woman waist trainer belt

How I’ve bought my waist trainer with a huge discount

While searching for a place to buy my waist cincher, I’ve discovered many online stores that sell shapewear, but most of them had pretty big prices. I didn’t give up and eventually I found a store, called FeelinGirl, with pretty good prices and also with many discounts for various body shapers. They have quite a variety of waist trainers and also best plus size shapewear. I was happy to see that their waist trainers were cheaper with 60% off compared to other places and I didn’t waited anymore and bought my waist trainer!

How I’ve bought my waist trainer with a huge discount

How the waist trainer changed my body and my life

The waist trainer I’ve chosen had two adjustable belts and a cool pink tone, my favourite colour. It was made out of neoprene and had a zipper so it was super easy to put on. It also fitted me perfectly and felt really soft on my skin. I was pretty happy with the FeelinGirl waist trainer I have chosen!

How the waist trainer changed my body and my life

I’ve started wearing it at the gym when I was doing my workouts 5 days a week around one hour per training. I felt how my exercises were a little bit more difficult while wearing the waist cincher and I was sweating a lot more. I have increased the compression gradually and in about two weeks I saw how my waist line became smaller. I decided to wear it all day, even when I wasn’t working out. 

After I started wearing the waist cincher daily I saw how rapidly my body changed and got closer to the hourglass figure. I’ve also had a better posture as my back was perfectly straight. I was looking a lot better and I was loosing weight fast. I’ve also changed my diet and tried to eat healthier foods, mostly fruits and vegetables.

waist trainer

Now I wear daily my waist trainer and my body looks better than never. I can wear whatever I want and I feel more confident. The waist trainer changed my body and my life and now I understand why all those famous celebrities love it so much and use it all the time!  

waist trainer 2

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