Genshin Impact 2.5 Is Making Alt Outfits Even Worse


Genshin Impact released a set of alternate outfits for four playable characters. Some fans are seeing the update as related to censorship regulations.

Developer miHoYo’s release of alternate outfits for Genshin Impact characters has elicited mixed reactions, with some fans speculating that it was in response to China’s censorship mandate. Rosaria, Mona, Amber, and Jean received their alternate outfits as part of the 2.4 update. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact version 2.5 has changed the characters’ default clothing in cutscenes and quests into their alternate costumes.

Genshin Impact‘s Twitter account originally posted an announcement on the additions of alternate outfits which are redesigned versions of the characters’ default outfits. It appears that there are only a few variations between the original costumes and the alternates – most of which deal with the amount of skin shown. Rosaria’s alternate outfit, To The Church’s Free Spirit, covered her shoulders entirely with black sleeves and replaced her fishnet stockings with fitted black pants. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact Jean’s Dandelion Knight default outfit has been updated to a more professional fit in her Gunnhildr’s Legacy alternate outfit, with a black button-up and white lapel covering her entire chest region. Mona’s distinctive one-piece leotard bikini and sheer tights have been redesigned as one-piece leotard shorts paired with leggings. Amber in Genshin Impact received an alternate outfit designed to conceal more of the chest area than her original Gliding Champion outfit.


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For a while, the alternate outfits weren’t considered a big issue since Genshin Impact had been releasing alternative outfits since version 2.0. However, with the Genshin Impact 2.5 update changing the default cutscenes and quests outfit of Rosaria, Mona, Amber, and Jean, some fans are concerned that the alternate clothing may have been intended to adhere to the tight standard regulated by the Chinese government. Some fans have also noticed that Shenhe’s visible bellybutton in the original art was erased in the release. Given the current state of affairs, it seems that other playable characters will also get alternate clothes in the future. Meanwhile, on Genshin Impact‘s Chinese server, miHoYo has also adjusted the character glide animations to accommodate censored camera angles. However, it is unknown if the same camera angle censorship will be implemented on overseas servers.

Genshin Impact: Alt Outfits Potential Issues In The Future

While some regard alternate outfits as a great approach to tone down Genshin Impact‘s “fan service” or hypersexualized character designs, others are concerned that the alternate outfits may worsen in the future due to further implementation of China’s censorship regulations. One of the concerns is China’s censorship regulators’ ban of “effeminate” male characters in entertainment media. Characters from Genshin Impact who may fit within the “effeminate” category may be subject to future censorship regulation in the title. Another point of discussion arising is whether the limitation of skin exposure in female characters would be extended to male characters.

MiHoYo, as a developer based in Mainland China, acknowledges that it is beholden to the Chinese government’s censorship regulations. However, with Genshin Impact published globally, fans who are opposed to censorship are concerned about the mandate’s application in global versions. Although the future of censorship in Genshin Impact is uncertain, rumors and speculations are already circulating about the next characters to be censored. Meanwhile, miHoYo has yet to announce the release of alternate outfits for other existing playable characters.

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