Gia Giudice Gets Mixed Reactions For Engaging In RHONJ Drama


Gia Giudice is getting mixed reactions from The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans for involving herself in her mother’s onscreen drama.

Gia Giudice is getting mixed reactions from The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans for involving herself in her mother’s onscreen drama. Now that Gia is 21, she’s apparently old enough to play with the big girls. After fans watched her grow up on the show, they’re finding it hard to watch an adult Gia confront the cast on behalf of her mom Teresa Giudice. Gia is getting called out by viewers who believe she’s “fair game” if she thinks she’s old enough to quarrel with the ladies.

Season 12 is capturing Gia as she steps into adulthood after turning 21. Old clips highlight Gia’s childhood that was captured over the course of the show. With Gia being the daughter of the reigning OG on the franchise, Teresa’s eldest daughter appears very comfortable with speaking her mind to the cast. Joe Gorga was the first to get called out by Gia early in the season after he referred to Joe Giudice as “the devil.” Gia didn’t allow her uncle to bad-mouth her father in front of her face and confronted him onscreen for the first time.


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Following Gia’s mini family feud with Joe Gorga, she has directed her energy to her mom’s current nemesis Margaret Josephs. In the latest episode, Gia confronts and calls out Margaret for not wearing tights from Teresa’s fitness at the charity baseball game the grew played. Margaret softened her tone when responding to Gia, out of respect for her being a child. But she stuck to her guns and refused to put on the leggings. After watching Gia engage in the latest bout of onscreen drama, fans took to Twitter to sound off. “Just gonna say it, if Gia keeps on inserting herself…she is fair game,Jordan Elyse tweeted. “Yassssss. Like why is Gia fighting her mom’s battles,” another fan added.

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Some fans defended Gia saying she only started involving herself in the feuds after she was used as an analogy in season 11. They even made references to show alums who allowed their kids to get involved in the show drama like Jackie Laurita’s daughter Ashlee and the Manzo kids. Jackie Goldschneider’s “analogy” about Gia was brought up again in the recent episode. Teresa is still upset that Jackie made up a claim that seemingly accused Gia of doing drugs at parties. But Jackie said it was only an example of how spreading misinformation could hurt a family. However, skip to season 12 and some viewers think Gia has the right to get involved since “Jackie brought her into it,” one fan said. Teresa and Margaret are currently at odds due to all the questions Margaret asked about Luis Ruelas.

Teresa isn’t fond of Margaret prying into her new relationship and wants her to back off. But it’s a possible contradiction to Teresa’s season 11 antics of spreading cheating rumors about Evan Goldschneider. Viewers noticed how quiet Teresa remained when Gia was confronting Margaret. Some think Teresa is allowing Gia to do her dirty work. One fan said Teresa is to “blame” since she “talks to her girls candidly about her issues,” on the show. Now that Gia is an adult and can speak and think for herself, it’ll be hard to stay quiet when your mom is constantly at the center of the drama. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast just got bigger now that Gia has secured a friend role.

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