How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape


Choosing a new pair of sunglasses for yourself can be a pretty confusing decision after all. While you may be tempted to buy the newest trending pair, you may have to look at the bigger picture and buy a pair that you can wear in the coming years and not just toss out at the end of this season. This is especially true if you are investing in a designer pair.

The most helpful sunglasses-buying advice you will ever come across is to buy a pair that complements your face shape. Given below is a short guide discussing the best sunglasses for your face shape:

Heart faces

Heart-shaped faces are also referred to as triangles with their temple being the broadest part of their face and their chin being the narrowest. Their aim while choosing sunglasses should be to shift attention from their temples to their chin and to make the face appear longer. The obvious choice here would be aviators or cat eye sunglasses.

Round faces

A round face typically has more noticeable curves and lesser definition in the angles of their face. The best choice of sunglasses for a round face would be to avoid round or curved sunglasses and instead focus on angled frames that would help elongate their face. The obvious choice for round faces would be rectangular and squared sunglasses.

Oblong faces

Oblong faces are narrow and longer with fewer angles, and the obvious choice for this face shape is oversized and rectangular glasses with thick frames. Since oblong faces are narrow, oversized glasses are chosen to add width to their face shape and make them appear less long. Whatever they choose, oblong faces should avoid smaller and petite glasses at all costs.

Diamond faces

Diamond faces have narrow jaws and temples with their cheekbones being the widest part of their face. The obvious choice would be to opt for rimless or oval sunglasses that will flatter the width of the cheekbones while also making the face look balanced in shape.

Square faces

Square faces usually have a wide forehead and a strong jaw, and hence while choosing sunglasses the aim should be to make their face appear softer. Round and oval-shaped sunglasses work the best for a square face, and the most popular options would be aviators and butterfly-shaped sunglasses.

Oval faces

Oval faces are possibly the luckiest face shape when it comes to sunglass shopping, as all sunglass shapes and styles suit them. Oval faces are gently round, but not too round, and have just the right amount of definition. To help them make a choice, oval faces should opt for sunglasses that aren’t too big or too small, and run from their eyebrows to just above their cheekbones.


Designer sunglasses from retailers such as Vision Direct can be quite an investment, and hence you need to invest time into doing considerable research before choosing a pair for yourself. The above guide is likely to help you choose the best sunglasses according to your face shape, and make your decision easier.

Denis Ava
Denis Ava
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