How To Get (& Use) Thavnairian Corn


To get Thavnairian Corn for Hannish Fiber in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to find a time-sensitive Legendary Gathering Node in Endwalker.

Thavnairian Corn is an Alchemy ingredient in Final Fantasy XIV introduced in Patch 6.1, used to craft a unique filament known as Hannish Fiber. This fiber is a bundle of fine, plant-based material exclusively used for making the parts of the Pactmaker’s Set, an attire highly sought-after by Disciples of the Hand and Land. Thus, Thavnairian Corn has become in high demand for FFXIV Endwalker Crafters and Gatherers are they clamber to acquire this luxuriously bred maize.

Naturally, since Thavnairian Corn is not an “untradeable” item, it can likely be found on the Market Board for a large sum of Gil per ear. Nonetheless, not all Warriors of Light have the funds to purchase the rare ingredient, or perhaps they wish to know where to find the corn themselves for crafting or business purposes. Therefore, first and foremost, these players must own Endwalker since Thavnairian Corn can only be found in the expansion’s new regions.


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To get Thavnairian Corn in Final Fantasy XIV, players must scour The Shroud of the Samgha, a landmark in East Thavnair of Ilsabard. Adventurers can reach this location by fast traveling to the nearest Aetheryte Crystal in Palaka’s Stand. While the coordinates may vary depending on one’s position, a Level 90 Legendary Node with the Thavnairian Corn can be found approximately at X:25.3 and Y:21.5. However, this node only becomes active between the time frames of 8:00 to 10:00 and 20:00 to 22:00. Therefore, FFXIV fans will need to watch the clock carefully and perhaps set an alarm to ensure they visit the node at the right time to get their legendary ears of corn.

How to Find The Thavnairian Corn In FFXIV

FFXIV The Shroud of The Samgha Thavnair

The limited spawn time isn’t the only constraint that Final Fantasy XIV players will encounter on their journey for Thavnairian Corn. Specifically, adventurers must acquire the “Tome of Botanical Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty” to be able to discover the Legendary Node in Thavnair. This tome reveals the harvesting points for Potent Spice, Golden Cocoon, and Thavnairian Corn. Once FFXIV Endwalker players use this Tome of Botanical Folklore, they should have no difficulty finding the corn if they visit the node at the right time.

The Tome of Botanical Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty can be purchased for Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C ×16 from the Splendors Vendor in Radz-at-Han at X:11.3, Y:9.1. These tokens are special currency acquired from various Scrip Exchange Merchants through Hydaelyn. One Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C can be exchanged with White Gatherers’ Scrips ×100. These Scrips are earned through multiple activities, such as Collectible Appraising, but one fast way to obtain White Gatherers’ Scrips is through Ocean Fishing Voyages at Limsa Lominsa.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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