How To Turn Counter Display Boxes Into A Multi Purpose Display


Countertop displays are an excellent way to promote upcoming products on sale. Big brands use counter displays at checkout to attract customers. They can be redesigned with bold Call to Actions, vibrant colors, and graphics to grab the attention of potential customers. You can also use counter displays to promote products that are on sale, or upcoming products that may not be available for sale yet.

Multi Tiered Countertop Display Boxes

Transforming single-tiered countertop display boxes into layered multi-purpose displays can help maximize shelf space while showcasing a variety of products. This style is ideal for showcasing similar products but with a wider variety of colors, styles, and designs. Alternatively, you can also convert a single-tier countertop display box into a multi-tiered one to highlight your best-selling items.

Another great option for transforming a single-tier countertop display box into a multi-tiered multi-purpose one is to create a wire rack display. Wire rack displays have multiple uses and can accommodate almost any industry. You can use them to display books, magazines, newspapers, snacks, and more. These display boxes are easy to assemble and come in silver or mirror finishes that can match most decors.

Redesigning Graphic Designs

Redesigning graphic designs for counter display boxes is an essential part of marketing your products. It is important to keep in mind that people tend to buy products that are visually appealing. Therefore, you should ensure that your display boxes are appealing to the eye and also eco-friendly. Use cardboard and soy ink when printing and finish them with aqueous varnish to minimize environmental impact and increase brand awareness.

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The first step is to determine the type of product you are selling. This will help you determine the right color tone and design for your product. Branding colors can increase recognition by up to 90%. For better results, use related images and innovative styling. Remember that the colors used in the packaging should also reflect the brand image. Bright colors are best for display packaging. Bright colors help consumers identify the items in the box and make the display attractive.

Using Removable Peg Hooks

One way to use a corrugated counter display is to convert it into a multi-purpose retail display. A corrugated display can be a cost-effective way to reduce countertop clutter and encourage last-minute purchases. Moreover, corrugated point-of-sale displays are characterized by removable peg hooks and feature an easy-to-set-up, multi-purpose design. Despite the versatility of a corrugated point of purchase display, corrugated counter displays have many benefits for store owners and managers.

The best part about this type of counter top display boxes is that it can be converted into a multi-purpose display by simply adding removable peg hooks to it. You can even find stylish and functional models with a removable hook. These types of hooks are available in a variety of styles and colors and can complement your store’s decor and furnishings.

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