Mark Hamill Reveals Inspiration Behind Luke Skywalker Simpsons Scene


Mark Hamill reveals the inspiration behind a particular noise he makes in his The Simpsons Luke Skywalker cameo In a response to a fan’s tweet.

Mark Hamill reveals the inspiration behind a strange noise he makes during his cameo on The Simpsons. The actor rose to not only prominence, but to ever-lasting fame, with his role as young Jedi Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy back in 1977. The enormous success of the franchise ended up extending the acting gig for decades, with Hamill’s most recent film appearance as the character being in The Rise of Skywalker in 2019.

When not appearing in new Star Wars films and doing various pieces of voice-acting work, Hamill is also frequently active on his official Twitter account. With content ranging from politics to meme retweets, the actor also often interacts with fans curious about behind-the-scenes Star Wars tidbits and related questions about his work. Hamill’s lengthy and successful career means that the actor possesses plenty of stories and secrets to tell, and now he has revealed another Star Wars-related sneak peek.


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Most recently, in response to a fan’s tweet admiring The Simpsons’ episode featuring Hamill, the actor revealed the inspiration behind a particular sound he makes during the scene. The Simpsons season 10 episode in which this scene appears, entitled “Mayored to the Mob,” centers around a “Bi-Monthly Sci-fi Convention,” where Hamill attends as his famous character, Luke Skywalker. The clip in question shows Hamill in his Skywalker Jedi-garb, running away from loveable simpleton Homer Simpson while uttering a hilariously panicked sound. According to Hamill, he apparently “stole” this sound from a gag by the famous comedy trio The Three Stooges. View Hamill’s tweet below.

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Celebrity cameos, often playing their most famous roles, continuously emerge throughout the pop culture savvy The Simpsons. This particular scene featuring Hamill is just one of many iconic referential moments throughout the span of the hit comedy, which has also featured the likes of Leonard Nimoy, Danny DeVito, Willem Dafoe, Lucy Lawless, Paul and Linda McCartney, and many, many more. While the Star Wars actor appeared in this episode back in December 1998 during season 10, The Simpsons now boasts the title of the longest-running show of all time and is currently on season 33 – an impressive length and legacy that earns the show a top place in TV history.

Both The Simpsons and Star Wars maintain a legendary status in TV and film culture as some of the most popular franchises ever made. Hamill’s cameo on The Simpsons dressed as the heroic Skywalker managed to merge those two distinct and beloved fictional worlds to the delight of countless viewers. Luckily, Hamill’s reverence for the role that launched his career, and his willingness to interact with fans about it so many years later, means the novelty of that groundbreaking cultural moment can be constantly relived, on The Simpsons and beyond.

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