Nacon MG-X Pro Android Controller Review: Comfortable Portable Gaming


The MG-X Pro controller for Android, made by Nacon, offers mobile gamers the comfort of a home console controller on the go, boosting gameplay.

With many AAA game titles now available on Android mobile devices thanks to cloud streaming options like Xbox Game Pass, the use of Bluetooth-capable mobile controllers like Nacon’s MG-X Pro for Android devices has become a needed accessory for many gamers. Unlike the MG-X, the MG-X Pro offers a controller interface and ergonomic adaptions that remove cramped gameplay and offer improved comfort. The MG-X Pro also has a sturdy design that feels durable and secure, giving more reassurance that the process of snapping phones out of cases for a mobile gameplay session will still keep them safe.


The MG-X Pro controller has immediate and dramatic differences in design when compared to Nacon’s MG-X controller. The seat for the mobile device is thinner, measuring two-and-a-half inches instead of three-and-a-half. This, combined with the grip slots added on either side, ensures that the mobile device will remain snugly seated, with no ability for it to accidentally pop out. The MG-X Pro can hold an Android device up to 6.7 inches long, making it compatible with most Android phones and tablets. Additionally, the cramped Joy-Con-like left and right control grips from the previous model have been modified to look and feel more like an Xbox Controller. The elongated, ergonomic grips offer comfort when gaming, and space the buttons and analog sticks out compared to the MG-X, improving the feel of the controller when in use.

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Nacon’s MG-X Pro has a battery charge of 20 hours and can be recharged using a standard USB-C charger. Because of this, most standard Samsung chargers can be used, reducing the number of cables the user will need to carry when on the go. The MG-X Pro connects to an Android device using a low-energy 4.2 Bluetooth connection, though it is important to make sure the controller is powered on before trying to connect to the mobile device using the Bluetooth button beneath the right analog stick, as the device will not automatically power on when the Bluetooth is pairing. Once connected, the device responds without interruption, making installation simple and speedy.

MG-X Controllers Mobile Android

While the MG-X Pro doesn’t have programmable buttons, the overall improvements to both button pads and the analog sticks compared to the MG-X make a big difference when gaming. The MG-X Pro’s analog sticks are raised substantially, meeting the player’s thumbs without needing awkward hand adjustments. The analog sticks are also surrounded by a solid, metal ring instead of plastic, offering a sturdy and quality feel and look. The analog sticks have a wide range of motion, allowing for accurate movements when playing games like Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, as well as more casual games like Slime Rancher. The directional pad has been kept as a single piece for the MG-X Pro, though it has also been lifted off the controller’s face on a small platform, providing the same ergonomic alterations as the analog sticks. The ABXY buttons have been increased in size and are comfortably spaced apart, depressing with less pressure than the MG-X for quick control execution.

One of the downsides to the MG-X Pro is its overall bulky size. In order to accommodate the changes for comfort and ease of access, the entire controller is very large. Unlike the MG-X, which can easily fit in a pocket or small bag for traveling, the MG-X Pro footprint and shape make it more awkward to carry. This is especially true when the controller has a device strapped in, as the new grips greatly increase the overall size of the device, making it reminiscent of a bulky Wii U gamepad. However, it does have a good weight to it, which may be reassuring for those who prefer a solid, quality controller when gaming.

MG-X Pro Nacon Controller With Android Device

The biggest benefit of the MG-X Pro controller as an Android accessory option is its compatibility with the Xbox Game Pass. Those taking advantage of the cloud-style mobile gaming options can easily navigate the interface of the Game Pass application thanks to the MG-X Pro mimicking the layout of an Xbox controller. Players can quickly scroll through menus, boot games, and navigate settings with intuitive precision, eliminating the need to map buttons or adjust gameplay when connecting on their phone or tablet. This is especially helpful when regularly switching between home console and mobile gaming, eliminating the button confusion that can come from playing on different controllers and devices.

Despite the big changes made to Nacon’s MG-X Pro controller, the device’s price remains the same as the MG-X controller, at 79.90 USD on Nacon’s website store. The price is comparable to other pro controllers for the Xbox, and the improvements to the interface and overall build make the investment more worth taking for those looking to add a quality Bluetooth controller to their Android gaming experience. However, for those looking to play casually, or less frequently, the bulk and price might be reasons to look for other controller options. While it may seem pricey, Nacon’s MG-X Pro controller for Android offers a quality device designed for comfortable, on-the-go gaming, and is a great option for those who prefer a traditional controller’s feel and layout over simplified portable options.

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The Nacon MG-X Pro is available now via the official Nacon webstore. Screen Rant was provided with a Nacon MG-X Pro device for the purpose of this review.


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