Peacemaker: The Bravest Main Characters


A large part of Peacemaker‘s success is due to its hilarious and surprisingly endearing cast of characters. Led by a never-better John Cena, the ensemble grounds the show and makes it compelling, not to mention uproarious.

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These characters are all men and women of action, deadly assassins ready to get the job done, unafraid to get their hands dirty if the situation calls for it. However, not all of them are as brave as the others; in fact, some are rather skittish. That doesn’t stop them from fulfilling their duty, which only confirms that heroes can come from the most unexpected places.

Updated Feb 22nd, by Ben Hathaway: James Gunn’s sequel series to The Suicide Squad finds John Cena’s Christopher Smith alive and—mostly—well. Like in the 2021 movie, Peacemaker is recruited by Amanda Waller and her shadowy A.R.G.U.S. organization to take on a vague threat. By his side are a few of the A.R.G.U.S. members from The Suicide Squad, a homicidal self-proclaimed “crimefighter,” and an eagle with a penchant for pecking out eyes. One thing is certain, Gunn’s series has complicated characters who don’t mind jumping into a fight.

11 Auggie Smith

Auggie Smith in the woods in Pecemaker

August “Auggie” Smith is Chris’ father, a racist, sexist, misogynistic, psychopathic killer with a loyal following. Auggie showed Chris everything he knows about killing, intentionally withholding love and affection to make him tougher and more sadistic.

Fans know the White Dragon from the comics isn’t Peacemaker’s father. The show takes several creative liberties with the character, delivering a profoundly unsympathetic villain that’s incredibly easy to hate. There’s nothing remotely redeemable about Auggie; to put it simply, he’s trash. He’s also a massive coward who used his children to fulfill his ambitions.

10 Keeya Adebayo (Elizabeth Faith Ludlow)

Peacemaker Keeya Elizabeth Ludlow

Keeya Adebayo had every reason to be angry with her wife, Leota. She’s gotten a new job from her mother, who Keeya clearly thinks is not trustworthy. The job turns out to be just as shady as her mother-in-law, and Keeya’s consistent requests for information from Leota go unfulfilled.

Yet she hangs in there and supports her spouse, even once her patience starts to wear thin. Keeya is brave because she trusts her chosen partner in life to do what’s best for others.


9 Economos

Peacemaker John Economos Steve Agee

As the tech and tactical expert of Project Butterfly, John Economos’ expertise lies everywhere except the battlefield. He worked with Waller during the events of The Suicide Squad, and his insubordination led to her vanishing him to the dangerous mission.

Despite being somewhat sleazy, Economos is one of Peacemaker‘s funniest characters and a valuable team member. He doesn’t have any fighting ability and presumably lacks field experience but is still willing to put his life at risk for the sake of his companions. Economos bravely enters the bottling factory to help Peacemaker and the others and even kills a raging gorilla with a chain saw. He might not be a daredevil, but his courage comes out when it matters the most.

8 Adebayo

Peacemaker clip Leota Adebayo Eagly

Like Economos, Leota Adebayo seems wildly out of place in the field. However, she is Amanda Waller’s daughter, meaning she does possess significant training. Still, her values and inexperience prevent her from going all-in on the mission; she has trouble doing what her mother needs from her: betraying Peacemaker’s trust by plating a fake diary on his home, thus incriminating him for the whole thing.

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Adebayo faces an impossible dilemma in the show, but she still tries to do the right thing. She acts rather deviously several times, like when she manipulates Vigilante into killing Auggie. However, she’s still a supportive team player who cares deeply about her team and is willing to put herself at risk to protect them. Adebayo goes into the heat of the fight despite lacking any powers or abilities, proving how courageous she is.

7 Vigilante

Vigilante aka Adrian in the car in Peacemaker

Vigilante has several versions in the comics and live-action, but Peacemaker‘s take on Adrian Chase is unique. The show’s Adrian is a clumsy, overly simplistic sociopath with a very narrow viewpoint. However, he is also staunchly loyal and daring and genuinely cares for Peacemaker.

In keeping with his chaotic characterization, Vigilante isn’t so much brave as he is reckless. He will jump into the thick of battle as long as he believes his intervention is justified. Vigilante isn’t stupid and does know when to quit but still suffers from an impressive lack of judgment. Still, Adrian will help in any way he can, even if it means putting his life at risk, and what’s braver than that?

6 Officer Peggy (Rochelle Greenwood)

Officer Peggy in Peacemaker

The best shows like Peacemaker have those with abilities and those distinctly without. Officer Peggy is a member of the latter, but she also displays a great deal of bravery.

She’s the type to know that she’s facing danger yet she runs to it with her gun confidently raised. The second episode involves an extended scene at an apartment complex, which was the site of a Peacemaker romantic encounter gone wrong. It’s become clear that they’re dealing with something not quite human, considering she’s held a human face on the tip of a pencil, yet Officer Peggy never seems shaken.

5 Harcourt

Jennifer Holland Emilia Harcourt Peacemaker

Like any well-trained A.R.G.U.S. member, Emilia Harcourt is always ready to step up. She is Operation Butterfly’s most experienced and talented recruit, a direct and pragmatic woman who keeps her eye on the prize. Harcourt knows she’s there because Waller wanted to punish her but slowly warms up to her team members, particularly Peacemaker.

James Gunn has several trademarks as a filmmaker, and the tough, no-nonsense female lead is one; Harcourt fits that role to the tee. She is the perfect soldier, courageous and daring, capable of holding her own in battle against any enemy that comes her way. Harcourt was also brave enough to defy Waller during The Suicide Squad, and although she paid the price, she obviously doesn’t regret it.

4 Detective Song

Peacemaker Sophie Song Annie Chang

Detective Sophie Song is part of the Evergreen Police and the lead in the investigation against Peacemaker. She is clever and intuitive, distrustful of nearly everyone around her. Song proves herself one of the show’s most capable characters and gives Operation Butterfly a run for their money.

Unfortunately, Song succumbs to the butterflies. However, before her possession, she showed how brave she was, choosing to defy her superior’s orders because she knew Peacemaker was somehow involved in the larger mystery. Had the butterflies not taken over her body, Sophie might’ve actually become a valuable ally for Chris and company.

3 Peacemaker

John Cena in Peacemaker

As the show’s lead, Peacemaker has the most meaningful and intricate storyline. Introduced in The Suicide Squad as a jingoistic killer with no moral compass, Peacemaker evolves considerably over the show’s eight episodes. The character slowly learns what it truly means to be a “hero,” becoming more sympathetic in the process.

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Peacemaker’s decision to stop killing everyone that crosses his path is perfect for his character progression. He dares to go against everything his father taught him, choosing instead to carve his own way forward, not as a hero but as something new. Peacemaker is brave in battle, but his real courage comes out outside of the fight.

2 Eagly

Peacemaker and Eagly

Eagly represents one of James Gunn’s trademarks: adorable CG creatures joining the fight. The bird is an asset in combat and his loyalty to Smith is as strong as his piercing beak.

If Peacemaker says go, the eagle will soar into the air and attack an enemy. Usually, this involves their eyes. Eagly participates every time he is called, appearing in most of the series’ biggest action scenes. A great addition to the universe, Eagly could go on to be the DCEU’s Groot.

1 Murn

Clemson Murn is the leader of Operation Butterfly, a stoic and to-the-point man with a very infamous and bloody past behind him. The others eventually find out that Murn is actually a butterfly who defected when he realized his kind planned to take over the Earth. Although initially distant, Murn soon becomes one of Peacemaker‘s most likable characters.

Standing up to enemies is already difficult enough, but it’s even harder to confront close friends and family. Murn’s choice to go against his kind for the sake of doing what’s right proves how courageous he is. Furthermore, he sacrifices himself for the sake of the mission, proving he’s the show’s bravest figure.

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