Professional Ping Pong Table- Features to Look For


A ping pong table is one of the essential pieces of equipment to keep the sport at home going. Whether you are purchasing the table for professional use or for keeping it in your lounge to play with your friends, it is always helpful to make the right decision. Since you are spending a huge amount of money on the ping pong table, it has to be perfect in all terms. Professional ping pong tables have some specific features that differ from regular ones. The features you must take into account when purchasing a table are mentioned below. If you want to make a confident purchase, keep reading

Features to look for in a ping pong table 

Indoor or Outdoor

To choose the right table tennis table, determine where you want to keep it. If you are going to use it indoors, for example, in a lounge, basement or clubhouse, choose an indoor table. Consider an outdoor table with ideal features while looking for a table for outdoor use. 

Indoor tables have a better surface as compared to outdoor ones. Since outdoor tables face a lot of sunlight, wind, and rain, the surface is made differently from the indoor one. 

Additionally, the way how to store and fold them also differs according to where you’re going to use them. Professional ping pong tables allow storage in more than one way. On the other hand, indoor tables have to fit in the space and should take up less space than others. 

Table’s Thickness 

One of the important features of ping pong tables is their thickness. You have to choose a table with thickness ranging from 12-25mm. They say the thicker the surface of the table, the better. Also, keep in mind that we do not mean the vertical thickness of the table’s frame; we mean the top surface. 

If you do not pick a  table with enough thickness, its quality might degrade in a few months. There are tables with impressive thicknesses, which are a bit more expensive than others. But it is the right thing to invest in better choices than to invest in something that won’t last. 

The mobility of the ping pong table

Portability is one of the major aspects of choosing a ping pong table for home. Go with the one that is easy to move and has wheels. You might want to move it from one location to another at home, so you might want a table that’s portable. 

It is even better if they are foldable. You can move it to another place when needed. Also, take a look at the locking mechanism. It should be easy to use and safe.  Professional ping pong tables are heavy, but make sure that they have wheels when you buy them. 

Over to you 

Purchasing a table tennis table can be a big decision. With the wonderful ping pong table, you have to make your gaming area even more advanced. If you want to relish those times with your friends, take note of the benefits mentioned above. 

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