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Sandra Bullock’s interview on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ went off the rails several times — including when Sandra hilariously accused Kelly of calling her ‘a whore.’

Sandra Bullock, 57, and Kelly Clarkson, 39, delivered one epic moment after another during their sit-down chat on the December 8 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. The Oscar winner’s interview with the American Idol champ, which can be seen above, had both women nearly in tears from laughing so hard several times. The most hilarious incident came near the end of the interview, when Kelly said the word “or” while asking Sandra if she decorates for Christmas. But The Blind Side actress misheard what Kelly said, believing that she was called a certain profanity by the singer.

Sandra Bullock; Kelly Clarkson
Sandra Bullock; Kelly Clarkson (Photo: Shutterstock)

“Did you just call me a whore?” Sandra asked. Immediately, both women erupted into laughter: Sandra sat back in the coach in hysterics, while Kelly got out of her host chair to stand and crack up. The “A Moment Like This” singer then said it’s “uncanny” how similar Sandra is to Kelly’s friends — which led Sandra to joke, “What, your friends are whores as well?” The two women kept laughing together, as Kelly insisted they were just fine.

But the “whore” debacle wasn’t the only off-the-rails incident of the interview. Early on, Sandra teased that, despite being a huge fan, she didn’t vote for Kelly to win season 1 of American Idol against Justin Guarini. “Look, the good thing is that you won. It doesn’t matter who I voted for, does it?” Sandra said, as Kelly insisted that she was cool with whichever way the fellow A-list star voted at the time.

They also laughed when Sandra mentioned how her parents — who are both dead — were singers. But when Kelly said “well that’s cool,” in response to Sandra’s late mom and dad’s singing talents, Sandra hilariously questioned what Kelly was referring to. “That they’re dead?” said Sandra, which sent the pair into hysterics yet again. “No, that they’re singers! That’s so sad that they’re dead,” Kelly exclaimed while laughing and admitting that she’s “sweating” of nerves. “Oh my god, it’s the worst date ever,” the singer added. Sandra, meanwhile, just couldn’t hold back the laughs.

The Kelly Clarkson Show has been on for over two years now and is a huge hit in daytime television. It’s won 3 Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host two times over for Kelly. Recent guests on the show include Chrissy Metz, Keith Urban, Hannah Brown, and Taraji P. Henson.

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