Should Spare or Kill Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West


Deciding the Sapre or Kill Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West has different outcomes. Choosing to kill Regalla will reward players with a powerful bow.

Players are given the option to spare or kill Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West although, this doesn’t happen until much later in the game. This is a decision that can directly affect how the rest of the game is going to play out. It is possible for players to create multiple save files in order to experience both endings, but ultimately, only one of them is actually worth the effort. Depending on what option the player chooses will determine if Aloy will receive rewards or not.

Regalla has been acting as one of Horizon Forbidden West’s main baddies. She is the leader of the Tenakth rebels and is focused on killing anyone who stands in her way. Aloy will face off against Regalla in the Wings of the Ten Quest. At this point, Aloy should have the ability to fly on the Sunwing machines. After defeating Regalla in battle, two options will be presented to the player, kill or spare Regalla.


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Choosing the “Your life ends here” option will cause Kotallo to stab Regalla with his spear. Aloy will also be rewarded with the Sharpshot Bow for choosing this option exclusively. It’s one of the best bows in the game and acts as one of Horizon Forbidden Wood’s endgame weapons. This option will also prevent Regalla from appearing in the game’s final battle. Although, choosing to spare Regalla will have a different outcome.

Choosing To Spare Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West

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If the player opts to choose the “There’s another battle ahead” option, Regalla will be spared. Doing this will cause her to appear during the final battle. Aloy will also be able to speak with her during the Singularity mission and will assist Aloy in storming the Zenith base. Although, Regalla will die in this battle anyway, making the option to spare her kind of pointless. Selecting this option also will not reward players with the Sharpshot Bow.

Choosing this option will only work if the player has a moral obligation to spare video game characters, otherwise, there is no bonus for sparing Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West. Opting to kill her is the superior option, both for punishment for her actions and for tangible rewards. After completing this mission, Aloy will be rewarded with 1 Tnekath High Marshal, 1 Tenakth, Reaver, 2 Skill Points, and 25,600 XP. Since this is the mission right before the final battle, clear out some of Horizon Forbidden West’s side quests. It’s important to prepare before the game’s challenging conclusion.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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