ThirdLove Classic Strapless Bra Review


Confession: I have a love-hate relationship with bras. They make me look put-together, but I really enjoy taking them off. I’ve accepted long ago though that I can’t live without them, so I’ve since focused my energy on finding good ones. By that I mean those that don’t itch, restrict my movements, or feel like a weight on my chest. So far, the ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra ($65) checks these boxes.

The fit is secure and comfortable, and true to the name, it actually stays in place.

The fit is secure and comfortable, and true to the name, it actually stays in place for as long as I choose to wear it. What I like most is that it doesn’t stick to my skin even when I sweat, which is probably because of the smooth band and silicone running along the edges. The cups feel soft and supportive, and they will frame your bust nicely.

I opted for the mahogany shade, because it closely matches my skin tone, and just like a regular black bra, it doesn’t show through my more revealing tops. I like to wear this bra with halter tops, slip dresses, or any outfit that would look unflattering with straps showing. Although if you insist, the package includes removable straps, so you essentially get a two-for-one deal.

I’m not a bra person, but I can wear this strapless bra for longer than a Zoom meeting (fine, a whole day!) so this means something. It’s the kind of wardrobe staple you’ll have for years, and if it’s the only bra I had to wear for the rest of my life, I honestly wouldn’t mind.

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Originally posted 2021-06-18 14:20:41.

Denis Ava
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