What Happens When You Wear a Dry Eye Mask


Dry eyes are one of the major constraints that many people are going through. It can be due to several reasons such as sleep disorder, working on laptops for longer hours, aging factor, when a person is on high dose medication, using cell phones late at night, etc. These are the common issues that can lead to the disease. So, a doctor may suggest some preventive measures that may include the use of a dry eye mask. Let’s find out whether a mask is useful or not. 

➤Loosens Clogged Oils

One essential factor that also results in dry eyes is the poor functioning of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Meibomian glands perform a vital function as they release enough oil, which creates the tear film. The oil doesn’t let the tears evaporate quickly. If the tears dry up at a faster pace, then one can face dry eye syndrome. Therefore, using a dry eye relief mask will gradually protect the tear film and build up the moisture content of the eyes. 

➤Hydrates Sensitive Eyelids 

Dry eye treatment must be on time as it can cause painful symptoms such as redness, pain in the eyes, loss of vision, and blindness. When the eyes don’t produce adequate lubrication, then the eyelids become more sensitive and lead to discomfort. The moisture of the mask makes the eye glands healthy and gives comfort with every usage. However, it’s always suggested to use an optometrist-recommended eye relief mask. 

➤Easier than Eye Drops

There are specific eye drops that are made for preventing dry eyes. Despite the effective eye drops, people still use warm compressed eye masks. It’s because they feel uncomfortable when placing eye drops by opening the eyes properly. For some people, it’s become impossible to do it and even the drops don’t go properly inside the eyes. Others feel a sort of irritation which again makes them choose a mask over eye drops. 

➤Provides Allergy Relief

Dry eyes don’t pop up at once. There will be some early symptoms which we generally ignore as we are not aware of. One of the crucial symptoms is eye inflammation, and the doctor will suggest going for cold therapies, which work great in immediate allergy relief. However, some still prefer to use hot eye masks. It’s because the warm compressed mask creates moisture and maintains the MGD. Plus, allergy issues such as redness, irritation, or inflammation are healed quickly. 

➤ Calmness to the Mind

One might wonder how a dry eye mask can give calmness to the mind. But in reality, when applying the mask to the eyes, one can feel a lot of relaxation. It works as a stress relief therapy. Using them twice a day will make a huge difference and can have miraculous changes in them. Our brain is connected to every part of the body, and when the eyes are in the rest mode, the mind is extra relaxed automatically. In addition, applying the mask before sleep can improve the sleep cycle, and one facing sleep deprivation can relish quality sleep. 

Sum Up 

A dry eye mask is a favorable choice as it is the best yet short treatment alternative. However, it will work only when the symptoms are mild; otherwise, one may need to consult the doctor. It’s said prevention is better than cure. Thus, one must ensure to use the mask timely before things get worse. Moreover, avoid making a quick decision when purchasing a dry eye mask. Be certain to get it from the right source that deals with tested and certified eye masks. 

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