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Who Is Girl Named Tom? About ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Sibling Trio – Hollywood Life


Girl Named Tom is the new winner of ‘The Voice’ season 21! The talented sibling trio was crowned the new ‘Voice’ champion during the star-studded finale.

Girl Named Tom just made The Voice history. The group of siblings became the first trio to ever win the show. After their incredible audition and subsequent performances, the sibling trio became a fan-favorite amongst the millions of The Voice fans. Girl Named Tom was up against Wendy Moten in the final moments, but they ultimately prevailed.

So, who is Girl Named Tom? This band is all about family. From their history as a band to how the name of the band came to be, HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things to know about Girl Named Tom.

Girl Named Tom is part of ‘The Voice’ season 21. (NBC)

1. Girl Named Tom won ‘The Voice’ season 21.

Girl Named Tom performed the Crosby, Stills & Nash song “Helplessly Hoping” for their blind audition. Kelly Clarkson turned her red chair first, followed by John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Ariana Grande. All 4 coaches raved over the performance, but Girl Named Tom chose Kelly as their coach for season 21.

The band competed in the season 21 finale against Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, Jershika Maple, and Hailey Mia. Girl Named Tom faced off against Wendy for The Voice win before being crowned the new champions. Earlier in the finale, host Carson Daly revealed that Girl Named Tom was the first act in 21 seasons to have 4 songs in the iTunes top 10 at the same time.

2. Girl Named Tom consists of 3 siblings.

Girl Named Tom’s members include Caleb Liechty, 26, Joshua Liechty, 24, and Bekah Liechty, 20. They are from Pettisville, Ohio, but currently reside in South Bend, Indiana. As for how they came up with their band name, Bekah explained that her brothers called her “Thomas” when she was a baby.

3. The siblings originally wanted to become doctors.

Things changed for the siblings when their father was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2017, according to their NBC bio. Caleb, Joshua, and Bekah decided to spend more time with family and not become doctors. They formed their band in 2019.

4. They’ve traveled all over the country.

The siblings drove their old minivan across the country in their first year as a band, according to their official website. They played 67 shows in 27 cities! Since March 2020, Girl Named Tom has been living in South Bend and working on new material. When HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the band, they revealed that they would love to have James Taylor or Dolly Parton choose songs for them if that was ever an option on The Voice. “They know so many songs from the past and the current times, so they would have a big bag to choose from and that would be really cool to get something from them,” the group said.

Girl Named Tom performing on ‘The Voice.’ (NBC)

5. Girl Named Tom is on social media.

Girl Named Tom has an Instagram page dedicated to the band. All 3 members of the band have their own individual Instagram pages as well.


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