Why Janelle Visited Her Grandkids Instead Of Seeing Kody


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown was spotted taking some much-needed time away from her husband Kody in order to visit her grandchildren.

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is very much the jet-setter grandma she always wished to be, as she recently took a long weekend to hang out with her grandchildren. Janelle comes across as a no-nonsense woman who often can be found putting Kody back together after one of his emotional outbursts. However, every so often, Janelle needs time for herself.

Even though Janelle and Kody’s relationship may have been considered trying at times, the two now seem to have one of the best marriages. After leaving her first marriage to Meri Brown’s brother, Janelle made the decision to try the polygamous lifestyle, choosing Kody to be her guide in the journey. The couple has had six children together, but this past season showed the duo struggling. Janelle may often be questioned for her reasons behind staying with Kody, but one thing is for sure, she has never been called out for being an uncaring mother. Janelle is known to put her children first, even at the expense of her marriage to Kody.


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Janelle came under fire during Sister Wives season 16 for not sitting still during the worldwide pandemic. Janelle could often be found locked in heated battles with Kody, who wanted her to stay at home and self-isolate. Instead, she chose to hang out with Christine Brown and allow her older sons to continue to date and come and go to the family home as they pleased. Recently, Janelle took to her Instagram to share that she took another trip to visit her daughter and two grandchildren. Viewers are enjoying how Janelle is openly flaunting her travel lifestyle in front of Kody. Check out her post below:

During a business trip, Janelle stopped in North Carolina to see her daughter Maddie along with her grandchildren, Axel and Evie. Viewers will recall that Evie had a few surgeries related to FATCO syndrome which Janelle was present for. Since Janelle is her own boss, it was easy for her to take some family time out. Janelle has been working for the company Plexus, which is often associated with a pyramid scheme. The mother of six has proudly been pushing their health drinks as a social media influencer.

It is safe to assume Kody was not thrilled with Janelle’s pit stop, but viewers would argue he doesn’t have much say over her life. For years, Janelle has been one of the only wives who actively worked and brought in an income. Janelle’s love of family will never lose to spending time with Kody. Plus, the Sister Wives patriarch has made a clear choice of his own by consistently favoring his fourth wife, Robyn. For now, Janelle seems extremely happy being able to visit her grandchildren when she pleases, answering to no one.

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Source: Janelle Brown/Instagram

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