Wordle 256: March 2, 2022 Answer


Today’s Wordle could cause some players to lose their long-running streak. Here are some hints, and full answer, for the March 2nd Wordle.

The March 2nd Wordle answer may leave a bad taste in players’ mouths, but with a few hints anyone can solve this puzzle. This once-a-day word-guessing game has spiked in popularity throughout 2022 with its simple design, challenging gameplay, and excellent social media sharing ability. Recently purchased by The New York Times, Wordle has become a staple in many peoples’ morning routine, or the perfect short break in the middle of a workday.

Solving a Wordle puzzle is simple, players get six chances to figure out a randomized five-letter word. Whenever a word is guessed the game will highlight certain boxes to give clues to the correct answer. If a box is green, the letter is correct and in the right spot. Yellow shows a correct letter incorrectly places, and grey means the letter isn’t in the word at all. Using this information players continue to guess the correct word for the day until they get it right, or run out of guesses. Wordle also has a ‘Hard Mode’ that can be turned on in the options menu. This forces players into using the proven correct letters and completely removes the use of letters that have been shown to be incorrect.


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Wordle‘s popularity can easily be traced back to its simplistic social media sharing ability. After a puzzle is completed players can copy their attempts and paste them into their favorite socials. Utilizing small colored emoji boxes, Wordle shares the player’s journey to the right answer without actually spoiling any of the guessed words. These ambiguous posts led to many more players looking up the game so they could try it themselves and quickly brought Wordle mainstream attention in early 2022.

Wordle’s March 2, 2022 (#256) Hints & Answers

Wordle March 2nd 256 Wednesday Attempt

For the players who don’t directly want today’s Wordle answer, we have provided a few hints below to help out those who are stuck.

  • Hint 1: Today’s answer could be considered highly unpleasant.
  • Hint 2: This word could be used to describe something that tastes disgusting.
  • Hint 3: They don’t mean a thing AND they don’t ever change.

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Wordle 256 Answer (March 2)

If the hints didn’t give it away, today’s word is NASTY. For our starting Wordle word we used IRATE, this gave us the correct placement for ‘T’ and an incorrectly placed ‘A’. The second guess was FAITH which solidified the ‘A’ placement and provided a few more incorrect letters. CASTS was the third guess showing one correct ‘S’, and finally, NASTY was used giving us a win in four.

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