Young Sheldon Creator Doesn’t Care About Contradicting Big Bang Theory


Young Sheldon co-creator Steve Molaro explains why he doesn’t really mind contradicting the established continuity on The Big Bang Theory.

Co-creator Steven Molaro explains why he doesn’t oppose Young Sheldon contradicting The Big Bang Theory. Ever since the prequel spin-off launched in 2017, it has been a great way to expand on Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) story. Unfortunately, despite that, it has created several plot holes, and it will only continue to do so moving forward.

CBS’ long-running sitcom officially wrapped up after 12 seasons despite its continued popularity due to Jim Parson’s decision to exit the show. The reality that The Big Bang Theory exists in thrives, however, thanks to Young Sheldon. The spin-off chronicles the socially-inept genius’ young years living in Texas with his family. So far, it has now run for five seasons with two more guaranteed. But given how popular it is, it won’t be a surprise if the network renews it for more. As exciting as this is, it might mean more plot inconsistencies between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory, especially since preserving continuity isn’t exactly a priority for the show makers.


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In light of Young Sheldon‘s 100th episode milestone, Molaro talked to TVLine about what went down during the outing. When asked about Georgie’s (Montana Jordan) predicament and how it might relate to what was revealed on The Big Bang Theory, he explained that fans should just stick around and see. But he also made it clear that he isn’t exactly against breaking continuity, citing the plot inconsistencies between Cheers and Frasier. Read his full comment below:

We don’t have a precise roadmap in front of us — and to some extent, we don’t feel handcuffed to things that were said on Big Bang. I mean, there are some things that we will honor, but we also have to do what’s best for this series. If anybody points to something that doesn’t align perfectly with Big Bang, I’m happy to point out that on Cheers, Frasier was an only child, and it all worked out once Niles suddenly appeared.

frasier and niles brothers

Molaro is referring to the iconic sitcom, Cheers, which launched the spin-off, Frasier, about Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane. When the character was first introduced in the Boston-set sitcom, Frasier said that he was an only child, but fans were eventually introduced to David Hyde Pierce’s Niles — his younger brother. The difference here, however, is that Frasier was able to handle its plot holes properly. It’s also worth noting that the Seattle-based show takes place after Cheers ended, which makes it easier to address inconsistencies. But since Young Sheldon is a prequel, it’s trickier to do the same.

Understandably, Young Sheldon can’t perfectly adhere to the established continuity on The Big Bang Theory. After all, the nerd-centric sitcom ran for 12 seasons. But while plot holes can’t be prevented, the show makers shouldn’t also just totally give up on preserving continuity. Young Sheldon season 5 has actually done a great job with this. While there have been new inconsistencies, they’re minor. Simultaneously, the prequel has also actively offered fun explanations for Sheldon’s quirks on the original show. If they continue doing this, the offshoot would be good to continue running moving forward.

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Young Sheldon season 5 airs Thursdays on CBS.

Source: TVLine

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