10 Best Free Photo Collage Apps In 2022


In today’s digital age, designing great photographs is important to social media users everywhere. Whether it’s an Instagram birthday post or an advertisement for Twitter, knowing how to appeal to an audience through visuals is key to getting a message across.

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iPhone and Android users alike have the ability to not only edit their photos in a creative way but can design them into collages for multiple images at a time. Out of the hundreds of photo apps that exist, there are many free, simple options that can create a professional final product.


Creative Cloud Express: Design – iOS/Android

A shot of the layout for Creative Cloud Express: Design

Like many other Adobe products out there, Creative Cloud Express: Design (formerly Adobe Spark) includes high-quality photo editing tools, built-in templates, and stock images for the perfect photo editing experience.

Color-boosting, text overlay tools, and the ability to pre-crop images are just a few of the things that the app offers. This app is for the public, not limited to professional users, making it an open experience for anyone who is interested.

Ribbet – iOS

10 Best Photo Collage Apps Ribbet Cropped

Ribbet‘s basic plan allows the user to make a collage on any occasion, making it very attractive for new editors. Text, stickers, and basic tools, such as crop and rotation, are available for all photos.

Whether it is wedding photos or a progression of a child growing up, the app is perfect for anyone who is looking to edit a collection of images over time and manage the photos on different devices. Ribbet saves past progress on the app for easier editing and provides users with storage options in the cloud.

Google Photos – iOS/Android

10 Best Photo Collage Apps Google Photos Cropped

Although Google Photos is popular for photo storage, it also has an option for collages where users can experiment with six different collage types. The user can upload up to 9 images per collage, and filters are available through the app for any finishing touches.

This is a very basic, straightforward collage feature for those who are looking to make a quick creation, unlike some of the other apps available that have more professional features.

Shape Collage – iOS/Android

A screenshot of the Shape Collage app

Unlike other collage tools, Shape Collage can be edited by changing the background or frames, giving the user freedom to combine their pictures into a specific shape.

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The size and distance between images can also be adjusted, and the app holds itself up to its ability to automatically create collages, no matter how many images or what size. A whole set of features are available for the free app, making the process simple to start.

PhotoGrid – iOS/Android

10 Best Photo Collage Apps PhotoGrid Cropped

PhotoGrid not only lets you choose the photos and videos you would like to create, but it lets the user pick from 15 modules inspired by Snapchat.

Filters, such as Venus and Twinkle, make the user feel like they are on the popular photo app, which is highly popular with adolescents. GIFs and memes are also available on this collage app, including FacePop, 3D cards, and Scrapbook modules.

Pic Stitch – Collage Editor – iOS/Android

10 Best Photo Collage Apps PicStitch Cropped

The high-resolution app lets the user make both photo and video collages, including adding a song to the creation and customized aspect ratios.

Filters, text, stickers, doodles, and watermarks can also be added, with the inclusion of cropping, cutting out, and adjusting video playback speed, making Pic Stitch – Collage Editor a compelling choice for those looking for the best free photo collage app.

piZap – iOS/Android

10 Best Photo Collage Apps PiZap Cropped

piZap is a combination of a collage maker, designer, photo editor, and meme generator, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. The app’s design section templates include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, business cards, and Internet ads.

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There are also a handful of layouts and templates to choose from with themes for holidays and other special occasions, making the designs stand out from the rest. piZap also gives the user the option to add text and symbol memes and apply special effects to the images.

Canva – iOS/Android

10 Best Photo Collage Apps Canva Cropped

The built-in image editor has gained popularity over the years due to its hundreds of fun templates that users can customize on the app.

Canva lets users upload their own images into their designs, but also has the option to pick photos from the app based on their personal preference. Pictures in the collage can be edited, filtered, and edited by text font, and the images can be imported as JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

MOLDIV – iOS/Android

10 Best Photo Collage Apps Moldiv Cropped

MOLDIV differentiates itself from the other apps by letting the user perfect their image components before loading them into the app’s multiple frames, magazine covers, and layouts.

Their toolbar includes edits such as Crop, Clarity, Exposure, Vibrance, and more, and the app includes a separate Beauty Camera focused on creating the best selfie. Extra filters, stickers, and patterns are included in the in-app purchases.

PicCollage – iOS/Android

A screenshot of the PicCollage app

The built-in photo editor and collage app give the user the option to use a classic collage grid, freestyle blank scrapbook, or a pre-made template.

PicCollage has the ability to deliver a wide variety of templates and grid patterns to go along with the user’s photo choices, along with the option to add a background color or pattern, swap images, and adjust the focus of the image in each cell. When searching for the best photo collage app, options like these are important to consider.

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