10 Quotes That Prove Chuck Was The Evilest Villain


Over 15 seasons, Supernatural introduced its passionate fandom to a slew of great and wholly evil villains, from one-episode monsters to the likes of Lucifer. The final big bad of the show, though, turned out to be God himself, aka Chuck, who may well have been the evilest villain of all, with many quotes that back up such a claim.

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Whether they unveil his temperament as a petulant child with too much power or are simply cruel in their nature, many of the best Chuck quotes prove him to be Supernatural’s vilest villain.

When Chuck Relishes Being A Villain

“Villains Get All The Best Lines.”

Chuck speaks with Amara in heaven in Supernatural

In Supernatural, most villains see themselves as the heroes of their own story, whether that be Lucifer in his endless quest for approval, monsters trying to survive, or Eve trying to save her children. Chuck, though, seems okay being the villain.


In this conversation with Amara, his sister accuses him of such, prompting this response. Since he gets to be a cool part of the story and because he is literally God, he does not care that others see him as the villain, he relishes it.

When Chuck Calls Out The Failure Of Humans

“I’m Not Hiding. I’m Just Done Watching My Experiments’ Failures.”

“Don’t Call Me Shurley” is unquestionably one of the best and most touching Supernatural episodes ever, finally formally introducing fans to God. While he does not appear to be a huge villain, there are hints of it, including this, in the episode.

This is the start of this constant thread that remains for his time in the show, this idea that humanity is nothing more than his experiment – one that is consistently failing him – and his viewing pleasure, there to stroke his ego and keep him from boredom.

When Chuck Lambasts Humans

“Humans! Humans Are The Worst. Lame. Disappointing. They Ruin Everything They Touch. And They’re Just So Boring. I’m Over Them.”

Chuck absorbs Amara in Supernatural

As Chuck morphs into the big bad of the show’s final season, this reductionist view on the human race that he has becomes eviler and eviler by nature, as he almost wants to use them to appease him, to make him feel good.

Following this line, spoken to Amara, she attempts to bring out his sentimental side by showing him heaven, but he is so dismissive of it, bored by it. He created the entire universe and sees it as nothing but a failure that should be successful because he made it because he wants to look good and feel satisfied.

When Chuck Shows His True Colors

“This Isn’t How The Story Is Supposed To End.”

It started to become a bit clear to audiences in season 14 that Chuck may not be the best guy, and in the finale of the season, the Winchesters figure him out following this line.

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This is one of a few lines that sum up how he views and uses the Winchesters. He sees them as playthings in his narratives, there to give him writers satisfaction. Their refusal to kill Jack at his demands shows off his petulant, narcissistic side and shows off his true colors to everyone.

When Chuck Speaks With Becky

“Oh, Becky, I Can Do Anything. I’m A Writer.”

While Becky is far from the best or most popular character in Supernatural, it is hard not to feel bad for her when Chuck erases her and her family from existence purely so he could take their home as a place to write.

What makes this whole thing even worse is Chuck’s childlike frustration with receiving criticism. Writers can write what they want, but they often accept constructive feedback. Chuck is not interested in that, he is an inherently cruel being deadset on writing a story to entertain him.

When Chuck Talks About His “Boring” Creations

“Most Of Them Are Boring. One’s In Reverse. One, There’s No Yellow. One Of Them’s Just Squirrels.”


Chuck creates a myriad of alternate worlds and realities in Supernatural, taking a special interest in Earth due to Sam and Dean. In this seemingly innocuous quote, he admits to losing count of the worlds he has made, which is problematic.

Not only is it bad that Chuck created these worlds and forgot about them, but it is the fact that he so clearly just started creating random realities in an attempt to entertain himself as if this gift of creation was not a responsibility but a plaything.

When Chuck Decides He Has Had Enough

“Story’s Over. Welcome To The End.”

Sam Winchester surrounded by zombies released by God Chuck in Moriah in Supernatural

After Sam and Dean figure out that Chuck is no ally but rather someone who has been puppeteering their lives, he decides he has had enough and that the world should end, which is about as evil as it gets.

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Just like that, like the petulant child he is, he sets in motion the end of the world. They would not kill Jack, nor would they accept their lives being dictated like a TV show, and instead of understanding that, he throws a fit and opens up hell for its souls to escape.

When Chuck Speaks About Sam And Dean’s Eternal Suffering

“Eternal Suffering Sounds Good On Paper, But As A Viewing Experience, It’s Just Kind Of… Meh.”

Rob Benedict as Chuck God in Supernatural

This quote comes in the show’s penultimate episode in which Sam and Dean defeat Chuck, who proved to be one of the show’s best villains. It is another quote that plays on this sinister idea that Chuck uses his creations for his own selfish reasons, which is evil considering the all-good being many see him as.

It, again, describes Sam and Dean as nothing more than a “viewing experience” for him. Their lives are a TV show that keeps him occupied and entertained, with him not capable of empathizing with the fact that they are humans who have suffered so much all because of him. On top of that, after this line, he straight up just wanted to kill the boys; after doing away with everyone else on the planet. There is nothing more wicked than causing pain to the Winchesters in the eyes of Supernatural fans.

When Chuck Talks About Sam And Dean As Being Toys

“Those Other Toys, They Don’t Spark Joy. But Sam And Dean, The Real Sam And Dean, They Do. They Challenge Me, They Disappoint Me, They Surprise Me. They’re The Ones.”

When Chuck starts to pop up in more and more Supernatural episodes in season 15, he pretty much does away with his facade of niceness and starts speaking like the irritating, ill-tempered child that he is, shown best in this quote when he literally calls his creations toys.

It is not even just the reference to his creations as toys that makes this quote wholly evil, it is the almost insistence from Chuck that these ‘toys’ are meant to cause him joy. But, since they do not keep them engaged like Sam and Dean, he has no interest in them.

When Chuck Starts Destroying Other Worlds

“It’s Time To Clear The Board. All The Other Worlds, Alternate Realities, The Sub-Plots, The Failed Spinoffs. It’s Time To Start Cancelling Shows.”

Chuck God decides to destroy all of the alternate worlds in Supernatural

One of the evilest acts performed by a villain in Supernatural comes in “Galaxy Brain,” when Chuck begins to tear apart and destroy every single one of his other worlds and realities as if they are nothing.

It is yet again another quote playing on the idea that Chuck created these places that are full of life and wonder – just like Earth – simply to act as TV shows for his entertainment, to stroke his ego as a ‘writer.’ It is an act and an entire monologue that serves as pretty damning evidence that Chuck is the evilest villain in Supernatural.

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