11 Joe Exotic Memes That Will Have You Cry-Laughing


Midway through a tumultuous 2020, many Netflix subscribers were watching the Tiger King docuseries, slack-jawed at each twist and turn in the unbelievable story.  At the heart of it all was Joe Exotic, a self-professed “gay cowboy” living in Oklahoma and running an exotic animal park. Joe had a personality that was is every bit as bold as his blonde mullet and wild outfits. He also has an ego as big as all of his tigers, combined—and he had quite a lot of tigers.

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It’s no surprise, then, that Joe became the perfect subject for Internet memes after the show came out. Though some adopted a meanspirited mindset regarding the controversial cowboy, many meme makers were simply eager to join in on the conversation surrounding this unconventional near-overnight sensation.


Updated on March 2nd, 2022, by Tanner Fox: An adaptation of Robert Moor’s 2019 podcast titled Joe Exotic: Tiger King, Joe vs Carol is an upcoming Peacock series meant to explore the lives of two individuals who seemed unlikely to achieve stardom. Starring Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell, the comedy-drama will approach the funny-turned-near-fatal feud between Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin that was prominently featured in the Netflix miniseries.

The Tiger King may never again attain the level of fame he briefly enjoyed in 2020, but, for the moment, the series has returned Joe Exotic to the forefront of some fans’ minds.

Country Fan

A meme about Joe Exotic's career as a country musician.

One of the many puzzling things about Joe Exotic is that he considers himself a country star, even selling his CDs in the park’s gift shop. However, according to a report published by The Huffington Post, his voice isn’t actually the one heard in his various exotic wildlife-theme country racks.

He does a great job of lip-syncing, though, and having that country star outfit complete with the cowboy hat and boots helps Joe Exotic to sell the illusion. Ultimately, however, his status as a musician is similar to his status as a zookeeper; dubious, to say the least.

Tiger King of the Hill

A crossover between Netflix's Tiger King and King of the Hill.

King of the Hill may primarily focus on the life of Texas everyman Hank Hill, but it’s also about the weird and wild characters he encounters. While there’s really no everyman for whom to root in Tiger King, there’s certainly a cast of unique and memorable individuals.

In fact, were it not for Hank himself, King of the Hill and Tiger King could meld fairly well together. Perhaps there will be some sort of reference to the Netflix series in the upcoming 2022 King of the Hill reboot.

Love Is Blind vs. Tiger King

A tweet about the Netflix series Love is Blind and Tiger King.

After viewers got sucked into Netflix’s reality dating series Love Is Blind and its many twists and turns, they were convinced they’d never see something again so totally out there. But, along came Tiger King, which picked up like wildfire as people were home social distancing.

When Joe says “I’m gonna show you some stuff,” it’s the understatement of the year. He had quite a bit to show, indeed, and most of it completely blew Love is Blind out of the water.

You Have Three Wishes

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

It’s hard to imagine what a genie who inhabits a bottle of Mountain Dew might look like— or, it would be had Joe Exotic not come to everyone’s attention. It’s something about Joe’s pose, the look on his face, the ridiculous outfit, and the background that makes the heading so fitting.

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According to myth, genies are known to live inside ancient lamps and grant three wishes to those who rub them. So, it stands to reason that, if one were to rub something less refined such as a bottle of soda, Joe Exotic might personify the type of genie that would result.

Tiger King Conference Call

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Although it was obviously coincidental, Tiger King and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic are indelibly linked in the minds of many Netflix subscribers. It was the thing to binge during the Spring of 2020, and, while it was a tough time for many, the exploits of Joe Exotic, controversial though they were, served as a bright spot for many fans.

At the time, many could relate to appearing unkempt in at-home conference calls, and some may have felt as Joe Exotic appearing in a prison video call with a uniquely disheveled look.

We Didn’t Ask For This

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

As this meme so perfectly suggests, no one really asked for a show like Tiger King. It wasn’t heavily promoted anywhere before it debuted. Viewers weren’t clamoring for its release, nor were they excitedly waiting for the show to come out so they could binge it.

It just came out of nowhere. People were bored at home and said “gee, this looks like it might be interesting” and got sucked in. Part of the series’ sudden success could be attributed to the sudden onset of a global pandemic, but part of it could also stem from the undeniable viral potential of Joe Exotic.

She’s Obsessed!

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Joe Exotic must have discussed Carole Baskin’s purported obsession with him dozens of times throughout the docuseries, constantly talking about her and proving that he had his own obsession as a result. If a girl likes three of your social media posts in a row, she’s obsessed—at least, according to Joe Exotic.

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There’s no doubt that Joe has had a tumultuous love life, and, though is private matters are best left undiscussed in memes, it suffices to say that his advice in this matter may not be suited to many other situations.

Country Music Diss Track

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Some avid country music fans may not want to admit it, but the genre isn’t for everyone. However, in Joe Exotic’s native Oklahoma, it’s more popular than it is in most parts of the world, and, in his own odd way, he’s made his mark on it.

Though he doesn’t actually sing his own songs, Joe’s music is still far more professional than one might expect, and the diss track he made about Carol Baskin is humorous, to say the least. Even non-country fans could derive some enjoyment from this off-the-wall composition.

Never Going To Financially Recover

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Toward the end of the docuseries, after Joe’s failed attempts at taking Carole Baskin down that led to a massive lawsuit—which he eventually lost—he realized he would, as he phrased it, never be able to recover financially.

This became one of Joe’s most oft-memed phrases. A perfect saying to poke fun at even the slightest monetary inconvenience, “I am never going to financially recover from this,” is one of Joe Exotic’s most legendary quotes.

Diss Tracks

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Of all the hip hop diss tracks and online social media rap battles, no one comes close to Joe’s country-themed diss track for Carole Baskin. He didn’t just compose and sing—or, perhaps more accurately, lip-sync—a song called “Here Kitty Kitty” that accused her of murdering her husband and feeding his body to her tigers. Joe also made a ridiculous music video for it where he hired a lookalike to play Carole holding a platter of body parts, a human head in the center to prevent any misinterpretation, happily feeding it piece by piece to her ferocious feline pets.

Joe Exotic has never been one for subtlety, but this really crossed a line. Yet, as they say, comedy equals tragedy plus time, and, as grotesque as this video may have originally seemed, it’s more or less just ridiculous today.

How To Fix My Hair

A meme about Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Instantly, the first thing fans notice about Joe Exotic is his hairstyle. It’s like no other; a mullet that’s dyed platinum blonde with the dark brown roots showing on shaved sides and bangs on the front.

He often wears a hat, as well, but, when he doesn’t, it’s on full display. Most of the time, it looks like the haircut someone seriously inexperienced might give themselves at home, and it brings a whole new meaning to the term “bad hair day.”

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