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The popular Netflix series, Bridgerton, based on the novels by Julia Quinn, took the world by storm with the title trending months after its initial release on the streaming platform. Its cast was shot in superstardom and there’s already a lot of anticipation for the second season.

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There are a number of really memorable performances throughout the show and many of the cast of the series have already lined up their next projects. Whether it’s in other TV shows, shorts, video games, or feature-length productions, many of the actors who shined in Bridgerton are now gearing up for the world to witness their next project.


Updated on March 29th, 2022 by George Chrysostomou: Bridgerton is back and fans surely want to see some of the most recent projects from the cast. While many of the previous films and TV shows featuring this talented group have now been released, they are still worth checking out alongside a new range of upcoming productions. 

Phoebe Dynevor – Call My Agent (2022)

Daphne in Bridgerton Season 2

Phoebe Dynevor portrays Daphne Basset in the first and second seasons of Bridgerton. While she may take a much larger step back in the sequel series of the show, her ability to steal a scene is still very much present. Dynevor has got a range of upcoming projects for fans to look forward to though.

While she might currently be filming Bank Of Dave and previously took a role in The Colour Room, it’s Call My Agent that fans should most be looking forward to. The UK comedy stars heavy hitters like Helena Bonham Carter and David Oyelowo and portrays a talent agency trying to keep all of their difficult clients happy!

Simone Ashley – Sex Education (TBD)

An image of Ruby, Anwar, and Olivia standing by the lockers in Sex Education

Simone Ashley will be very familiar to Netflix fans taking on the role of the leading Lady Kate Sharma in the latest season of Bridgerton. The phenomenal actress has breathed life into a previously absent role and quickly fitted into an already established cast.

Short films like Bulldog might be in the works for the actress but she’s no stranger to the streaming service. Ashley has already gained plenty of fans as Olivia in Sex EducationStyle follows her wherever she goes clearly as she portrays one of the most popular girls in all of Moordale.

Luke Newton – Youth In Bed (2019)

Luke Newton Youth In Bed

Luke Newton really made it big in his casting as Colin Bridgerton in the titular show. As one of the main members of the family, his story is continuing to develop over both seasons of the show and there’s no telling what the future could hold for him.

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Right now Newton doesn’t appear to have any projects lined up. Disney fans might recognize the actor from the ongoing sit-com The Lodge, but more recently he took on the role of Ethan in the short Youth In Bed. The acclaimed film spans different generations as it explores what it means to be young.

Luke Thompson – Misbehaviour (2020)

bridgerton season 2 cast benedict

Benedict Bridgerton is next up in terms of receiving a full-on love story in Bridgerton, but Luke Thomspon has already portrayed the character in both previous seasons. Once again it’s a given that he will return in some capacity to the show in the future.

The actor has certainly been busy in his career thus far although doesn’t have any upcoming projects. He did recently take on the part of Peter Hain in the much-respected Misbehaviour another period piece that sees a group of women attempting to destroy a famous beauty pageant.

Nicola Coughlan – Derry Girls Season 3 (2022)

Derry Girls Group

Derry Girls has already enjoyed two incredibly well-received seasons, but the third installment to the show is currently in production. It’s unclear when it will be released as there were a number of delays thanks to the current global situation.

Before Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan was actually better known as playing Clare Devlin, a young teenager growing up in Derry, Northern Ireland, in the 1990s. The show deals with the end of the troubles and the political and cultural impact of these events in the country’s history, while also acting as a coming of age story for these relatable yet hilarious teens.

Regé-Jean Page – Dungeons And Dragons (2022)

Duke of Hastings Simone Basset Bridgerton

One of the standouts of the series has to be Regé-Jean Page who has become incredibly popular for his portrayal of the Duke of Hastings. Page may have already capitalized on his stardom with an appearance on Saturday Night Live, but SNL isn’t the only major brand he has lined up after Bridgerton. 

There’s been a number of movies and TV shows for fans of the role-playing game Dungeons And Dragons, but none of the direct adaptations have proven to be a success. It was recently revealed that Regé-Jean Page is set to star in the latest attempt to bring the franchise to the big screen.

Claudia Jessie – Night And Day (TBD)

More Eloise Bridgerton

Claudia Jessie’s hilarious take on the younger Bridgerton sister, Eloise, was certainly a well-regarded aspect of the show. Her hunt for Lady Whistledown was one of the most intriguing sub-plots to follow throughout the series.

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Jessie has already made notable appearances in British shows like Doctor Who and Line Of Duty and has been recently working on a short film that is sure to grab attention on the festival and independent circuit. Night And Day is actually a piece based on the emotional toll of lockdown.

Julie Andrews – Minions: The Rise Of Gru (2021)

Gru’s Mum Despicable Me Minions Julie Andrews Karate

The casting of Julie Andrews as the voice of the fictional Lady Whistledown was absolutely genius. While audiences may never see Andrews on-screen in Bridgerton, thanks for a voice simply allowing the true identity of the gossip writer to be hidden, it wouldn’t be the first time Andrews provided her voice acting talent to a strange character.

Julie Andrews has actually been voicing Gru’s Mother throughout the Despicable Me franchise. With a second Minions movie on the way titled The Rise Of Gru, acting as a prequel and demonstrating the rise of one of the greatest animated supervillains, Andrews has returned to the sound booth to voice her reoccurring role.

Jonathan Bailey – Squadron 42 (TBD)

Squadron 42 Mark Hamill Character Helmet

Jonathan Bailey portrayed the charming older brother to Daphne, Anthony Bridgerton, and the future seasons of the show will likely focus on his own personal narrative even more. While the cast for Bridgerton was certainly stacked with talent, Bailey is taking part in a project that boasts even bigger names.

The video game Squadron 42 looks to tell a new military and science fiction story on a cinematic level, bringing in veterans like Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong, Andy Serkis, Henry Cavill, and Gillian Anderson to star alongside Bailey’s Aaron Seetow. Unfortunately, its long production has resulted in the ambitious project still not setting a release date.

Ruby Barker – How To Stop A Recurring Dream (2021)

How to Stop A Recurring Dream Dead Ruby Barker

Ruby Barker had her own complex story to tell in her performance as Marina Thompson, a pregnant young woman who had to secure a marriage for herself before the news of her situation was revealed therefore damaging her reputation.

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Barker is trying her hand on the independent circuit though, starring in How To Stop A Recurring Dream. The movie has already been shown at festivals, garnering a number of awards, but it is set to get an official cinema release in 2021. Barker plays Yakira, who kidnaps her estranged younger sister in the hope of reconnecting her family.

Polly Walker – Pennyworth (2021)

Polly Walker played the uptight Portia Featherington in Bridgerton, whose life was turned upside-down by the arrival of Barker’s Marina Thompson, as well as the unsavory gambling habits of her husband. For some of the show, she even appeared to be an antagonist of sorts.

Walker has been playing another character who operates in the greys of her moral compass in Pennyworth, where she has been cast as Peggy Sykes in the Epix produced, DC Comics prequel series. Her character has appeared in the previous season and is making her impact felt across season 2, airing throughout 2021.

Ruth Gemmell – My Mum Tracy Beaker (2021)

Ruth Gemmell Tracy Beaker’s Mum Foster Home

Ruth Gemmell continued to add to her filmography with some fantastic work in Bridgerton as the supportive mother to Daphne. While her part was not a big one, she has made a career out of stealing the scene in her supporting roles.

Tracy Beaker is a character that many British kids grew up with, from her books written by Jacqueline Wilson, to her TV show on the BBC run CBBC. In the original show Gemmell played Beaker’s estranged mother who abandoned her and for the newest season My Mum Tracy Beaker, Ruth Gemmell has returned to the role.

Ben Miller – Death In Paradise (2021)

Ben Miller Death In Paradise Beach Richard Poole

Ben Miller has starred in some huge British franchises over the years, from ITV’s Primeval to Rowan Atkinson’s Johnny English series of movies. For Bridgerton, Miller plays the husband of Portia, a Lord who gets into trouble because of his dangerous gambling habits.

Death In Paradise has become a long-running comedy, mystery, and crime series in Britain, which has been known to change up its lead. For its latest run, Ben Miller will be starring as the detective Richard Poole, who will be returning to the show after his supposed brutal murder.

Freddie Stroma – The Crew (2021)

The Crew Freddie Stroma Netflix Interview

Freddie Stroma has slowly started to amass an impressive career with appearances in Harry Potter, Pitch Perfect, and Game Of Thrones. Bridgerton is just another monumental franchise to add to that list, with Stroma taking the part of the sympathetic Prince Friedrich, who Daphne refuses.

Stroma will be taking part in another Netflix production, this time a comedy series entitled The Crew. While there are already many movies, TV shows, and video games about NASCAR and racing, this show will see Kevin James’ Kevin Gibson lead a brand new crew of ambitious racers.

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