15 Best Killer Powers In Dead By Daylight


Dead By Daylight has added quite a few terrifying new killers to its initial cast of three, with some bringing along powers that would reshape the way that the game is played entirely. Some of the best killers in Dead By Daylight even come from renowned horror franchises, scaring survivors in both new and familiar ways.

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With each new killer introduced, survivor players will have to learn new mechanics that may require them to adjust their playstyle thanks to these powers; while killer mains have a whole new set of tools to play with, ranging from teleportation to invisibility.


Updated on March 5th, 2022 by Melody MacReady: There are a lot of killers to choose from in Dead By Daylight with the game continuing to add new original killers including the Artist as well as famous horror icons such as Sadako of The Ring film franchise. Each one features its own distinct powers that can turn the tide of the match in different ways, forcing the survivor players to change their tactics.

The player controlling the killer also has to think strategically. With some powers, it requires a methodical approach using stealth while others allow for the best killers in Dead By Daylight to charge in like a force of nature and brutalize survivors. 

Bear Trap (The Trapper)

Trapper laying down a bear trap in Dead By Daylight

Considering that The Trapper was one of the original three killers that were available at launch, it would make sense that his ability would be effective. The Trapper is able to lay down a multitude of bear traps that can damage a player but also lock them in place.

The Trapper can hear this from across the maps and even get indicators of a trap going off. It can allow him to catch up with his enemies or wound them enough to find them.

Jigsaw’s Baptism (The Pig)

Amanda places one of Jigsaw’s infamous traps in the Saw franchise onto a survivor: the Reverse-Bear Trap. This forces them to find a Jigsaw puzzle box and work to remove the trap before it goes off.

It’s a perfect means of putting a survivor player under even more stress as they are trying to escape, similar to the Saw films. If the player is not quick or careful, they will lose to the Pig quickly.

Evil Within (The Shape)

Evil Within - Michael Meyers Grabbing Survivor

Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise is a stealth killer, whose power involves stalking survivors early on to power himself up, rather than going in for the kill right away.

Activating the stalk ability while looking at survivors begins to power him up, eventually exposing survivors, making them vulnerable to being downed with any attack, while also speeding him up.

Hunting Hatchets (The Huntress)

Hunting Hatchets - The Huntress Wielding Hatchet

The Huntress is known by players for her ability to injure survivors from across the map in the right hands. The Huntress begins each match with five hatchets, which she can throw to attack survivors.

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In a chase, these throws can be very effective, as hitting a survivor with a hatchet and following up quickly with a regular hit results in a quick down. Plus, since the Huntress reloads her hatchets at lockers, hiding in lockers is rendered less effective for survivors facing off with her.

Bubba’s Chainsaw (The Cannibal)

Bubba's Chainsaw - Leatherface Raising His Chainsaw

The Cannibal adds Leatherface from one of the most iconic slasher movies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface’s main power is a chainsaw dash that he can use to quickly sprint forward and instantly down any survivors in his path, an ability that he can repeat twice afterward, giving him incredible speed.

After using his chainsaw too much or running into a wall, the Cannibal will activate a tantrum. This attack can knock down several survivors at once if they are close enough, meaning that even if a dash doesn’t work out, there’s still a chance for carnage.

T-Virus (The Nemesis)

New Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Nemesis, Jill & Leon Skins Revealed

A powerful tentacle strike from Nemesis, one of the hardest bosses from Resident Evil, inflicts players with the Contamination effect that slowly mutates until the survivor becomes hindered. The T-Virus strike also mutates and evolves into two upgraded phases.

Not only is Nemesis capable of breaking pallets and weak walls, the range for the tentacle extended but its movement speed is increased.

Blighted Corruption (The Blight)

The Blight injecting a survivor with his syringe in Dead By Daylight

The Blight is a fast killer with a very unique ability. Like some other killers, the Blight can sprint forward with his power, but when he slams into another object, he can chain a series of lethal rushes onto that initial dash.

This makes the Blight very effective in chases, closing the distance between himself and survivors quickly and efficiently, even taking out dropped pallets and breakable walls with his secondary charges.

Wailing Bell (The Wraith)

Wraith Killer at Autohaven Wreckers in Dead By Daylight

Where most survivors can be seen or heard coming, the Wraith can turn completely invisible via his Wailing Bell. Wraith is not only undetectable but he moves faster as well at the cost of being unable to attack.

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Similar to Ghostface and The Legion, this power forces Wrath players to think strategically and use stealth attacks wisely. Especially since ringing the bell to become visible can be heard from far away but when effective with the right perks, the surprise attacks can lead to immense damage

Blackened Catalyst (The Hag)

Blackened Catalyst - The Hag Sneering

Without add-ons, the Hag has ten traps at her disposal, meaning that she can maintain a wide area of influence. When survivors walk over one of the Hag’s traps, they will trip it, causing a fake Hag to appear and pulling their camera toward it.

This can be disorienting, but the real power comes with the fact that the Hag can teleport to a tripped trap within a certain range. Her powers do have limits, though, as survivors can avoid tripping traps by crouching over them or disarming them with a flashlight.

Vile Purge (The Plague)

The Plague projectile vomiting her Vile Purge in Dead By Daylight

Vile Purge allows The Plague to infect interactive objects across the map which can infect players, slowly damaging them. However, she can projectile vomit her Vile Purge if needed.

Though a player can cure themselves via fountains, this can also be their downfall as the fountain will start filling with Corruption. The Plague can consume Corruption to make her vomit acidic and instantly damaging.

Yamaoka’s Wrath (The Oni)

Yamaokas Wrath - The Oni In Fury Mode

Injured survivors emit blood orbs, which the Oni can use to power his fury. When ready, this fury allows the Oni to dash quickly across long distances and perform a powerful lunge attack that can instantly down survivors.

This makes the Oni a big threat to survivors, as he can approach very quickly and down even healthy survivors in an instant. The blood orbs also make it easier for the Oni to hunt down injured survivors.

Rites Of Judgement (The Executioner)

Rites Of Judgement - Cheryl Shining Her Flashlight On Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head has a plethora of tools at his disposal to deal with survivors, including ranged attacks that can carve corrosive trails into the ground and apply the Torment effect to survivors.

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Pyramid Head can place tormented survivors into cages of atonement instead of on hooks, teleporting them far away. Survivors have to be especially careful since a tormented survivor who has been on the hook’s second phase can be killed by Pyramid Head directly.

Spencer’s Last Breath (The Nurse)

Spencers Last Breath - The Nurse Standing Menacingly

Spencer’s Last Breath allows the faceless Nurse to blink, effectively teleporting a short distance. After blinking the Nurse can then chain into a second blink a somewhat shorter distance.

While it can take some practice to blink well and at the right times, it allows the Nurse to close distances and maneuver around obstacles quickly. At higher levels of play, survivors learn how to expect the blink, leading to mind games where both killer and survivor can fake each other to get the upper hand.

Yamaoka’s Haunting (The Spirit)

Yamaokas Haunting - The Spirit Running Toward Camera

The Spirit’s power allows her to become invisible and move very quickly for a brief period. During this time, she cannot see survivors, but she can see their scratch marks and other indications of their movement.

This power is extremely useful for moving very quickly across the map, similar to The Wraith. During chases, too, this ability can be useful, as the Spirit leaves behind a stationary husk when using her power, creating the opportunity to play mind games with survivors.

Dream Demon (The Nightmare)

Dream Demon - Freddy Stalking A Survivor

Freddy Krueger from  A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of the most powerful killers in the game. Whenever Freddy hits a survivor, that survivor falls asleep and enters the Dream World.

In the Dream World, Freddy is more powerful, able to place traps that slow survivors and fake pallets that trick them into thinking safety is near. Being awake has disadvantages, too, since Freddy will be invisible at a certain distance from awake survivors. Plus, Freddy can teleport to any generator he can see.

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