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Jason Beaumont is one of the many singles a part of Love Is Blind season 2. Get to know more about the 31-year-old flight attendant from Chicago.

Jason Beaumont is one of the new contestants on the Netflix reality series Love Is Blind season 2. Along with the rest of the cast, Jason will be following the same rules as the season 1 cast, where he will be speaking to potential partners in the pods without ever seeing each other.

The experiment is to witness whether or not people can fall in love without knowing someone’s physical appearance. While many couples from Love Is Blind season 1 didn’t make it down the aisle, some did and are still together as of February 2022. Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton fell in love and got married throughout their journey on Love Is Blind.


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Since then, the couple has written a book and started their own YouTube channel. Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike are another couple who found love and got married in the end. Despite having ups and downs at the start of their engagement, he and Amber were able to develop a lasting relationship. Will Jason find what these couples have on his season of Love Is Blind

Jason Beaumont’s Age

According to Showbiz Corner, Jason is 31-years-old and currently lives in Chicago. Despite making Chicago his home, Jason from Love Is Blind season 2, loves to travel all over the world. He has been to places such as Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Hawaii, and more. While Jason has been to many places all over the world, he also loves to travel throughout the USA. 

Jason Beaumont’s Job

As for what Jason does for work, the ladies on Love Is Blind season 2 might be attracted to someone who travels around the world for a living. Jason currently works as a flight attendant for United Airlines, which has allowed him to travel to places he may have never visited before. He’s been working for the airline for two years after he decided to leave his old job for one in the sky. Jason, who was in the Loves Is Blind season 2 trailer, worked as a store manager at Planet Fitness before his current position with United, and he hasn’t looked back. 

Jason Beaumont’s Instagram

If any Love Is Blind fans are looking to see what Jason is all about before season 2 starts streaming on February 11, his Instagram is open for fans to see. Besides truly enjoying his job as a flight attendant and his new love of traveling, Jason will often share photos of his family, friends, and working out in the gym. 

Sor far, Jason seems like quite the catch and might have found his wife after signing up for Love Is Blind. Will Jason leave the show a married man, or will he end up back where he started, single? Viewers will have to wait for the premiere next week to see if Jason will find the love of his life. 

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Sources: Showbiz CornerJason Beaumont/ Instagram

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