Arkham City Daredevil Mod Is The Matt Murdock Game Fans Want


A Batman: Arkham City mod transforms users into Daredevil, giving a glimpse at what a game starring The Man Without Fear could look like in reality.

A marvelous mod for Batman: Arkham City turns players into Daredevil, and now fans are calling even louder for The Man Without Fear to get his own game. Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series breathed new life into the superhero video game genre, with the trilogy delivering a unique and authentic adaptation of the Caped Crusader and his world. While the crimefighting lawyer has not yet received his own video game adaptation, rumors of a Marvel Daredevil game have cropped up frequently in recent years.

Daredevil has yet to star in a modern video game, but the violent vigilante has made appearances in Marvel titles of the past. A Daredevil video game for the Game Boy Advance, based on the character’s live-action adaptation starring Ben Affleck, released back in 2003. The blind warrior has also appeared as a playable character in all three installments of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series, lending his acrobatic abilities to the trilogy’s roster of iconic superheroes. The LEGO Marvel titles also include Daredevil as a playable minifigure, and the character made non-playable cameos in titles such as the 2000 Spider-Man game and 2004’s The Punisher. While Daredevil made no appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man, many fans feel that the horned hero should show up in the game’s sequel as a supporting character.


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Created by Nexus Mods user Batfleck and showcased by Reddit user Old-Zucchini6413, a fan mod for Batman: Arkham City demonstrates what a future Daredevil game may look like. Released back in 2019, the relatively simple mod recolors the game’s Red Robin suit to closely resemble the outfit worn by Charlie Cox’s live-action version of Daredevil. The transformation is very fitting, considering Robin’s acrobatic moves and use of a large staff in combat. Many rumors regarding a potential Daredevil game suggest that the title would closely follow the Batman: Arkham format, rather than the larger open world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the mod gives players a glimpse at that experience.

Rumors about a Daredevil game have become quite common, but one particular leak may be more plausible than the rest. A potential leak regarding Marvel’s Wolverine and a Daredevil game was proven to be at least partially correct, with Insomniac announcing a game based on the beloved mutant in September 2021. This particular leak claims that The Man Without Fear’s game will be a noir detective game set in Chicago, rather than the character’s typical home of New York City. An echolocation mechanic would help players navigate through a massive open world at night, and combat is of course described as similar to the Batman: Arkham games.

Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series is credited with reinvigorating superhero games by putting a focus on strong single-player experiences and faithful storylines. Therefore, it seems fitting that a mod for Arkham City may give players a glimpse at a future title centered around Daredevil. While a Daredevil skin can be unlocked in Fortnite, Batfleck’s exciting mod demonstrates the potential of a full-fledged game about The Man Without Fear.

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Source: Old-Zucchini6413/Reddit, Batfleck/Nexus Mods

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