Backrooms Minecraft Map Brings Terrifying Internet Meme To Life


A Minecraft player has built The Backrooms, a terrifying internet meme that details an endless eldritch location, within the survival sandbox.

A deeply unsettling Minecraft build recreates the infamous creepypasta The Backrooms, which details a terrifying series of endless empty rooms. Mojang’s survival sandbox game and its arsenal of block-based resources have been used to recreate countless locations, both real and fictional. One user recently built Super Bowl LVI’s Sofi Stadium in Minecraft, for example, but the game can also bring much more disturbing settings to life.

Originating on the website 4chan, The Backrooms makes readers imagine being trapped inside a massive labyrinth of indistinguishable rooms. The creepypasta started out as a mere photo of the titular room, with the unsettling image inspiring others to write horrific prose expanding upon the idea of accidentally slipping into the supernatural area. A number of found-footage horror videos based on The Backrooms eventually made their way to YouTube, with bizarre and even deadly phenomena inevitably occurring within the eldritch setting. The Backrooms have seemingly joined the internet’s ever-growing collection of terrifying ideas, like the classic Minecraft creepypasta Herobrine and the now-iconic Slenderman.


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To pay homage to the infamous internet meme, Reddit user Novel-Ad9052 has constructed The Backrooms within Minecraft. The impressive build is faithful to typical depictions of the terrifying location, with carpeted floors and yellow walls stretching through an endless series of interconnected rooms. Novel-Ad9052 used a custom texture pack to accurately recreate the design of The Backrooms, and the creator apparently intends to continue adding to the build over time. Novel-Ad9052 plans to make the build available to download upon completion, and horrific surprises will likely be in store for those who explore this creepypasta creation.

Due to its huge variety of tools and resources, Minecraft is a perfect way to bring scary internet memes to life. Other games can work well too, however, as demonstrated by one gamer’s recreation of the Disaster Girl meme in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The iconic image sees a little girl smile knowingly into a camera while a house burns furiously in the background. Disaster Girl can be both amusing and unsettling, and the version of the image made within Animal Crossing manages to capture both of these feelings.

The Backrooms has become an increasingly popular creepypasta in recent years, taking its place among other spine-tingling concepts such as Slenderman and Candle Cove. By building the setting’s never-ending hallways and corridors within Minecraft, Novel-Ad9052 will soon allow gamers to experience the terror of The Backrooms first-hand. As the project continues to evolve, it seems likely that some hostile inhabitants will also find their way into the block-based Backrooms.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: Novel-Ad9052

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