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Freshwater aquariums, the sole purpose of it, is to be a properly emulated environment for the aquatic life you bring into your homes. They look exquisite, with proper components and decor. 

So, if you are a beginner looking to set-up your first ever tank, we’ve got you. Do follow through to know more.

Why a Freshwater Tank?

A Freshwater tank specifically has many advantages. To brief up everything it has to offer, for starters, the fishes of the freshwater tend to be comparatively more hardy. Compared to marine variants, aquatic fishes also have more vibrancy to offer to the aquarium. Additionally, the need for freshwater aquariums to be heavily planted gives it a natural aesthetic, which is very visually pleasing. 

To wrap it all up, the equipment requirement, maintenance and expense is minimal. Conclusively, all these components make this type of tank very aquarist-friendly, which is just not limited to beginners. 


To get started, we first need the right things to put together. Let us give you a proper list of things you will require, while setting up a Freshwater tank:


To get started, our first requirement is a tank. We need a good quality glass tank with the size of your choice, be it 20 gallons, 40 gallons or even 80 gallons and more. Although, one thing to look out for is the strength of your floor, or the base you are setting up the tank on.

If your gallons do not resonate with the weight your base can withhold, it can break. That is something you would want to avoid, so it is our recommendation to keep an eye out for that possibility and choose your tank size wisely.


Most freshwater species love a planted tank. To provide them with exactly what they require is our suggestion. Still, the plants need to be appropriate for the tank, keeping all the downsides in mind. Plants like Java Moss, Java Fern, Hornwort, Anubia Nana and more, are very good not only for the tank’s aesthetic, but the fish’s health as well. 

Vegetation plays a big part in keeping the water clear off of toxins and does proper oxygenation. Fishes can very well benefit from the same.


The usage of wood plays an important role in the tank. Not only it supports most fish’s hiding nature and survival instincts, but it also contributes hugely to the tank’s beauty. You can be really creative with aquarium specific woods like driftwood, dragonwood and so on. 


Moving onto the substrate, it is a very important key element you need to keep in mind while setting up a freshwater tank. The substrate can come in many vibrant colours and accordingly, it does glorify the fish’s vibrancy in the tank. Especially a dark-coloured substrate. A substrate can be of many types, based on the freshwater tank’s requirement, ranging from fine sand, gravel, coarse stones and more.

Other than that, a substrate is very important for the growth of selective vegetation, proper emulation of the fish’s natural habitat and more. The importance of proper substrate peaks for bottom-dwellers, as their entire existence and survival surround that. Also, it generally balances the tank’s environment be it any fish.


You do have liberty when it comes to lighting, as its main task is to enhance the looks of the aquarium. However, it serves the purpose of providing heat from the radiation it puts out. Conclusively, lighting is important for the visibility of the vibrant freshwater wonders you add to the tank, including some perks it has to offer.

Water Treatment 

We recommend you to keep all the necessary water treatment materials at hand, as it plays a very crucial role while setting up a tank. It majorly stops the algae problem, alongside other factors like disease-causing pathogens and more, that can possibly lead to tank-water wastage. 


A thermometer is one of the most necessary additions to the aquarium. It keeps the temperature fluctuations in check. The importance of a proper temperature range is high, because it is not that hard for fishes to get stressed or lethally affected. 

Make sure that the thermometer is the Degrees Celsius variant and not the Fahrenheit one. The latter is mostly used for other purposes like measuring human body temperature. A mercuric thermometer that shows both the variants, works just fine with the aquarium too.


Use a good filter, many factors of the tank rely on it. The filter plays a major role in debris clearance and removal of toxins like excessive nitrate and ammonia build-ups. Other than that, it makes the aquarium water rich in beneficial gasses like oxygen and carbon dioxide, if injected. 


A heater is pretty self-explanatory. Still, keeping that in mind, for starters, the main purpose of a heater is to maintain the warmer water temperatures. Most freshwater species highly enjoy high temperatures, and some even require that as a primary element for survival. So, the maintenance of the same is necessary. As a beginner aquarist, never forget to include this.


Last but not the least, fishes! After your tank looks all majestic and prepped up, you are ready to add your beautiful aquatic companions. Need help with a few suggestions? We got you here too.

Some good selections for your tank include:

In our belief, they are a perfect fit for your tank with a very easy-care routine and equally pleasant outlook.

Additional Tank Installations


What is airstone actually? You may ask. Let us answer that for you. An airstone is an aquarium bubbler made off of a porous stone, like limewood. The main purpose of this traditional piece of furniture is diffusion of air in the tank, alongside a few noise eliminations.

Besides, it also provides major benefits to the life residing in the aquarium you have just made. The installation of an airstone is hence, a very smart, rather necessary addition to your freshwater tank.

Aquarium Stand

Other than the floor, you need to also focus on a sturdy structure that is capable of supporting your aquarium. An aquarium with all the necessary additions and add-ons can weigh up to 4 Kilograms or 10 lbs per gallon. So a size, that syncs with the weight of the tank is important, provided the floor is strong enough to support the structure as a whole.

Aquarium Lid

An aquarium lid (tank lid, aquarium hood) is a very important element, when it comes to the all-in-all protection of the fishes. It not only prevents the jumper variants of the fishes from falling to their deaths, but it also prevents water pollution by avoiding dust accumulation in the tank water. There are two possible hoods or lids to choose from, the glass top hood and full hood, provided the lighting is done accordingly.


To quickly touch upon the topic, let’s put this in the most conclusive manner. When the topic comes to where to keep the tank, the answer is simple. Just keep this in mind:

  • Away from windows or direct sunlight that can cause fluctuations to higher extremities.
  • No doors or exposed areas that can cause fluctuations to lower extremities.
  • To place it at higher heights or lower heights according to the aquatic demand in the tank.
  • No uneven surfaces.
  • Never next to an air conditioner or fan.
  • Never next to valuables and electronics that the tank water is capable of damaging.


All information aside, it is our one note to you. Please keep the aquarium in a location where you can see them often. Don’t keep the aquarium isolated, as interaction with the aquarium is good. If the aquarium is not watched by you, one can never know what can go wrong and when. Just like you love all your pets, you take care of them, fishes require the same or more attention from you. So, do that and enjoy fishkeeping!

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