Best Weapons For New Players (& How To Get Them)


There are plenty of fantastic weapons that new players should get in Destiny 2 as they’re just getting started and working towards endgame content.

There are plenty of weapons in Destiny 2 that are perfect and easy for new players to get, allowing them to almost instantly keep up with any seasoned Guardian. The Witch Queen expansion features almost too many weapons to count, including the more than 60 new weapons that were included at its launch and the dozen or so guns that received substantial reworks. While it may not necessarily be easy to grab the God Rolls for each of these weapons, players can hop into any of the activities where these weapons can be found to get as many of them as it takes.

The best weapons for new players to get contain many of the options that were added in The Witch Queen’s Season of the Risenbut players will also need the 30th Anniversary content in order to access Dares of Eternity. Some of the guns listed below can be received from playlist activities called Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Operations, but many of them are also part of the paid content. Nonetheless, these weapons will help players be prepared for the endgame content as they reach the Pinnacle Power Level cap for the season.


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It’s important to recognize that these weapons have many good perks that they can drop with, so finding the God Rolls for each of them is partially subjective depending on what players are looking for. For example, a weapon that is great for PvE might not be the best for PvP, while other weapons, such as Destiny 2’s BXR-55 Battler Rifle, have perks that will be fantastic for both forms of content in a single roll. Furthermore, each weapon has a different archetype which determines several intrinsic traits such as rate of fire, damage and damage over range, handling, and more. New players should pay attention to which archetypes do and don’t work well for their own playstyle in order to find the perfect weapons for their Guardian.

The Best Weapons For New Players In Destiny 2

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These are the best weapons for new players, and where to find them:

Crucible, Gambit, & Vanguard Operations

  • Crisis Inverted (Crucible) – Hand Cannon
  • Servant Leader (Gambit) – Scout Rifle
  • Royal Entry (Vanguard Ops) – Rocket Launcher
  • Fortissimo-11 (Vanguard Ops) – Shotgun
  • Empty Vessel (Vanguard Ops) – Breach Grenade Launcher

Dares Of Eternity (30th Anniversary Content)

The Witch Queen Expansion (& Throne World Weapons)

  • Likely Suspect – Fusion Rifle
  • Pointed Inquiry – Scout Rifle
  • Red Herring – Rocket Launcher
  • Forensic Nightmare – SMG
  • Parasite (Post Witch Queen Campaign) – Exotic Grenade Launcher
  • Osteo Striga (Post Deluxe Edition Witch Queen Campaign) – Exotic SMG
  • Enigma (Witch Queen Campaign) – Glaive

PsiOps Battlegrounds In The H.E.L.M. (Season of the Risen)

  • Thoughtless – Sniper Rifle
  • Sweet Sorrow – Auto Rifle
  • Piece of Mind – Pulse Rifle

World Drops (From Any Activity)

  • Perses-D – Scout Rifle
  • Cantata-57 – Hand Cannon
  • Funnelweb – SMG
  • Krait – Auto Rifle
  • Ogma PR6 – Pulse Rifle

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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