BOTW Player’s Accidental Trick Shot Takes Down Guardian Skywatcher


A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player posted a video of an impressive trick shot they accidentally made that killed a Guardian Skywatcher.

A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player has shared a video of an impressive yet accidental trick shot that easily defeated a Guardian Skywatcher. Some of the toughest foes a player can face in the Nintendo adventure are ancient machines called Guardians. Though they were originally created by the Sheikah to help defeat Calamity Ganon, the Guardians come under the control of Calamity Ganon and fight Link.

Guardians make for a difficult opponent, but they can be defeated using one of Breath of the Wild’s special arrows. As the Ancient Arrows use the same ancient technology that powers Guardians, they are especially effective in taking them down. These special arrows are rare in that the player must collect items from defeated Guardians, which can they be exchanged – along with Rupees – for arrows. What’s worse is that the player must time their shot to hit the Guardian successfully. This is especially the case with Guardian Skywatchers, which are smaller, flying Guardian enemies. With this foe, a missed shot will use up the expensive arrow. However, sometimes players will fire a shot and find themselves incredibly lucky.


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On the Zelda subreddit, Redditor allfour4 posted a video of their impressive trick shot, which led them to defeat a Guardian Skywatcher by accident while playing Breath of the Wild. allfour4 is seen collecting parts of a defeated Guardian when they spot one of BOTW’s savvy Guardian enemies nearby. Taking aim at the Guardian, allfour4 accidentally fires one of their Ancient Arrows at the flying foe. At first, the arrow looks like it is about to miss the Guardian Skywatcher completely. However, the arrow’s trajectory lets it land on top of the Guardian, ultimately destroying the ancient machine.

allfour4’s video shows not only their amazingly lucky shot, but also that their BOTW Link has an impressive 316 Ancient Arrows. The fact that allfour4 has 316 Ancient Arrows in their arsenal means that they must have defeated an astounding number of Guardians. As this is the case, it is possible that allfour4’s trick shot was not as accidental as they suggest, but rather a demonstration of skill. Either way, allfour4’s video shows an impressive trick shot in Breath of the Wild.

Trailers for the currently unnamed sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild show familiar enemies like the Bokoblin and Moblin, so it’s a very real possibility that Guardians – in all their forms – will also reappear. Until more news of Nintendo’s next Zelda video game comes to light, there will no doubt be players that try and make similar trick shots while trying to save all of Hyrule.

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Source: allfour4/Reddit


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