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Meat is undoubtedly the best survival food because of its high nutritional value but its safety from a long-run perspective is a big concern. Safety issues even increase when you are buying red meat like beef, pork or lamb. Canned ground beef is one of the highly demanded survival food because of its ease of preparation and less quantity requirement than chicken or turkey. Are you planning for an adventure trip or saving livestock for upcoming long winters? The situation can be anything, ready-to-cook meat products serve almost every purpose effectively. Just make sure the beef doesn’t lose its edible properties. We will guide you with some useful tips to figure out whether the ground red meat is worth buying or not. 

Identifying Whether Ground Beef is Good or Bad

Check the color

Temperature, light, microbial development, and oxygen exposure are all factors that might cause the ground beef to change color. Because oxymyoglobin is created when a protein muscle glycogen combines with oxygen, fresh, raw beef mince should be red. Due to a lack of oxygen, the inside of raw minced meat maybe grayish brown. This does not imply that the food has been spoiled. However, if the outside of the ground beef has turned dark or grey, it is starting to rot and should be discarded. Mold can also damage cooked ground beef, so throw away any leftovers if you see any fuzzy green, blue, or grey. 

Smell Test

This is arguably the simplest and quickest technique to see if meat has gone bad. Cooked and raw ground beef are also affected. The smell of fresh beef mince is barely detectable, whereas decaying meat has a sour, sickening aroma. It’s no longer fine to consume once it’s gone bad. Increased proliferation of spoilage bacteria such as Pseudomonas spp and Lactobacillus spp. causes the aroma to change, which can also impact the flavor. Even if you don’t detect a strange odor but observe evidence of spoiling in color or texture, it’s still best to discard it because dangerous germs cannot be detected by smell.

Texture Examination

A touch test is another approach to assess the quality of your ground beef.  When you squeeze fresh ground beef, it should have a solid consistency that breaks apart.  A slimy or sticky texture, whether cooked or raw, could confirm the existence of spoilage bacteria. You must toss it right away.  After handling the best canned meat, wash your hands carefully to avoid transmitting pathogens from one area to another.

Expiry Date

Additional criteria for assessing whether the ground beef is good to include sell-by and expiration dates.  A sell-by date determines how long an item can be exhibited for sale. Minced beef can be stored and eaten up to two days beyond the expiration date.  However, the expiry date is commonly known as the “best before” date indicates when the product will begin to spoil. Before this date, the food will be at its finest in terms of taste and quality.  Ground beef should not be eaten past its expiry date unless it’s been refrigerated, in which instance it can be kept for up to four months.  When purchasing ground beef, make sure you read the label on the bottle carefully.

Consider these four tips in mind and you will never make a wrong decision while buying ground beef in a can. Always go with the options labeled with 20-25 years shelf-life. 

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