Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone Flips Off Body Shamers In New TikTok Video


Clueless actress, Alicia Silverstone, has the perfect response to body shamers in a new TikTok video that shows her giving them the middle finger.

Clueless actress, Alicia Silverstone, responded to body-shamers with the middle finger in a new TikTok video. Silverstone is an American actress best known for starring in Clueless, Batman and Robin, and The Babysitter. Silverstone made her film acting debut at the tender age of 16 in The Crush and was subsequently cast in Aerosmith’s “Cryin'” music video. Gaining prominence as a teen actor, she nabbed her breakthrough role as Cher Horowitz in Clueless in 1995. The coming-of-age comedy was a hit among audiences, receiving largely positive reception and garnering Silverstone two MTV Awards.


Following Clueless, Silverstone starred in thriller films, The Babysitter and True Crime, and also portrayed Barbara Wilson (a.k.a. Batgirl) in Batman and Robin. In recent years, she has appeared as a recurring guest star on The Baby-Sitters Club and also appeared in Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelations. However, her acting career has not been without its downfalls behind the scenes. Recently, she opened up about being body-shamed for her role in Batman & Robin and being dubbed “fatgirl” by the media. The body-shaming has found ways back to Silverstone even today, but she has the perfect response to it.

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In a new Tiktok video, Silverstone reacted to body-shamers by flipping them off. The video captured Silverstone after she discovered a photo of herself on the internet titled, “Alicia Silverstone candid fat photo.” The absurd caption is attached to an image of Silverstone barefoot and in a flattering blue dress walking across a lawn. Silverstone’s only response to the body-shamers was her giving them the middle finger to the backdrop of GAYLE’s hit song, “abcdefu.” In the caption, Silverstone laughed at the ridiculous title of the photo, stating that she thinks she looked good. Check out the video, which Silverstone also shared on Twitter below:

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While it is outrageous that such a title could be attached to an ordinary photo of an actress, Silverstone’s response shows that she hasn’t let the body-shaming get her down. She has gotten candid in the past about the immense pain of being body-shamed after her Batman and Robin role. For a time, she even considered quitting acting due to the intense humiliation she faced from the body-shaming media. However, she did not quit acting, and she has gone on to appear in numerous other roles. She has even gained quite the social media following by recreating iconic Clueless scenes for viewers. Her continued success and her middle finger shows the body-shamers that they did not get the best of her.

It is fortunate that Silverstone can react with humor to body-shaming today, but her video still raises indignation for the prevalence of body-shaming in the media. No individual, whether an actress or not, should ever experience coming across an image of themselves labeled them as “fat.” What makes the incident even more harmful, is that Silverstone was very far from being anywhere near “fat” in the photo in question. The title attempted to make viewers of the photo believe the woman in the photo is fat, thus, likely causing many to question their own body image. In a society where body image struggles are becoming more prevalent, the attempt to turn ordinary photos into insults is particularly abhorrent and also unnecessary. Fortunately, the Clueless star took a stand against body-shamers with her middle finger that lets them know the ineffectiveness of their attempts.

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