DOOM 2 Cosplay Brings Ruthlessly Retro Doomguy Armor To Life


A DOOM 2 cosplay brings the unstoppable Doomguy to life, with his retro powered armor featuring original new details and extensive battle damage.

One fan’s DOOM 2 cosplay puts an original spin on Doomguy’s iconic armor from the brutal demon-slaying series. 1993’s DOOM is considered to be the world’s first true first-person shooter, and its 1994 sequel pushed the envelope even further by introducing larger levels featuring new weapons and demons. Despite the franchise’s age, modern sequels and fan-made creations like the DOOM 2 fighting game mod have helped maintain the series’ infernal legacy.

DOOM featured groundbreaking innovations upon release, including three-dimensional graphics and networked multiplayer, and DOOM 2 managed to perfect and expand upon the first game’s foundations. A new super shotgun was added to Doomguy’s arsenal of high-octane weaponry, and a new health-regenerating megasphere power-up could be found in the game’s more elaborate and immersive maps. The number of enemy demon types was doubled in DOOM 2, with the roster including now-iconic creatures like the Archvile, Pain Elemental and Mancubus. The first game’s accessible mod support was also carried over into the sequel, with modern modifications like a recent DOOM 2 NFT monkey mod still being released today.


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Paying homage to the pioneering first-person shooter series, Reddit user Cynder_024 has made impressive progress on a DOOM 2 cosplay. The suit puts a brand-new spin on Doomguy’s power armor from the infernal retro shooters, adding custom details with the iconic helmet serving as a centerpiece. Cynder_024’s version of the DOOM armor comes to life in awe-inspiring detail, with extensive wear-and-tear reflecting the franchise’s intense fights against the forces of Hell. The Doomguy cosplay is apparently still missing a backpack and leg armor, but even now any demon would run scared from this dedicated cosplayer.

Due to the popularity of the DOOM franchise, particularly its more recent entries, fan-made cosplays have become quite popular. However, while Cynder_024 sought to extensively recreate Doomguy’s classic armor design in a modern style, other fans put even more unique and unusual spins on the stoic demon-slayer’s armor. One creative cosplay combined Doom Eternal’s Doomguy and Animal Crossing’s Isabella, topping the warrior’s armor and weaponry with a pretty bow and dog nose. The crossover cosplay references the fact that both titles launched on the same day, with fans celebrating both the first-person shooter and social simulator despite their strongly opposing tones.

Despite being incomplete, Cynder_024’s DOOM 2 cosplay serves as an intimidating sight for any human or demon. Doomguy’s classic helmet and suit are brought to life in perfect detail, with new decals and battle damage only adding to the realism and personality of the cosplay. With several additions waiting to be made, Cynder_024 may eventually find themselves fully transformed into the DOOM franchise’s silent destroyer.

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Source: Cynder_024/Reddit

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